4/28 OCD

  1. What is brain lock?
    The brain keeps repeating- Jeffery Swartz

    behavioral therapy can break this repetition

    • 1.relabel obsession
    • 2.reattribute-put blame where it belongs
    • 3.refocus- do something else
    • 4.revalue-come to realize obsession is meaningless
  2. How does hoarding relate to OCD?
    • -It relates to the compulsion to keep an object
    • and the obsession with the 'meaning' in each object

    -fear of throwing things away because there is anxiety with the loss
  3. Who is the prognosis of a OCD-hoarding type?
    People with hoarding have a very difficult time recovering and wil usually repeat the same behavior

    risk factor for not doing as well in treatment
  4. Common reasons for hoarding?
  5. How is OCD treated?
    ocd is treated by CBT
  6. Can abnormalities normalize with behavior therapy?
    Yes, but it is unclear if this is conclusive
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4/28 OCD
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