intelligence and testing

  1. who made the first IQ test?
  2. what are the three factors of a good test
    • 1. reliable
    • 2. valid
    • 3. standardized
  3. how do you test reliability
    • test-retest
    • inter-scorer
    • split-half
  4. how do you make sure that all graders will give the same grade
  5. measures what it claims to measure
  6. consistency
  7. what do all tests have in common
    all show a lot about the subject in a short period of time
  8. what are the three types of tests
    • ability
    • interest
    • personality
  9. what are three types of ability tests
    • aptitude
    • achievement
    • situational
  10. what tests the ability to learn something new
    aptitude test
  11. what tests existing knowledge
    achievement tests
  12. what are the two formats of a test
    • objective
    • projective
  13. in what type of test are you forced to choose a certain answer
    objective questions
  14. in what type of test are free responses allowed
  15. what is the most famous projective test?
    rorscharch ink blot
  16. who proposed the g-factor
    charles spearman
  17. one general intelligence underlies all clusters of related mental abilities
    the g-factor
  18. who proposed multiple intelligences
    • howard gardener
    • linguistic, logical, spacial, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic
  19. who proposed the triarchic theory
    • robert sternberg
    • analytical, creative, practical
  20. what are the four components of emotional intelligence
    perceive, understand, manage, use
  21. one answer to a problem
    • convergent thinking
    • left parietal lobe
  22. multiple possible answers
    divergent thinking
  23. where is creativity in the brain
    frontal lobe
  24. what are five components to a creative mind
    expertise, imaginative thinking, ventursome personality, intrinsic motivation, stimulating environment
  25. what is the anatomy a smarter brain
    more synapses, higher plactisity, more grey matter (cell bodies), thicker cortex, more brain mass
  26. the age that most typically corresponds to a given level of performance
    mental age
  27. what is the most common IQ test
  28. IQ calculations?
    • origionally: mental age/true age times 100
    • now: relative to average of others in that age group
  29. only those with the best traits should reproduce
  30. which IQ test separates scores into verbal comp, processing speed, memory and perceptual organization
    wechsler test
  31. mentally retarded
    • IQ of 70 or less
    • difficulty adapting to new info
  32. the variation among a species that can be attributed to genese
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