Classics last quiz

  1. cognosc- cognit
    to find out, learn
  2. dic- dict-
    to say, speak
  3. ethn-
    nation, people, tribe
  4. eth-
    way, custom, behavior
  5. hab- habit- hib(it)-
    to have, hold
  6. hypn-
  7. ly- lys-
    loosen, break down
  8. ment-
  9. mort-
  10. mor-
  11. mund-
  12. necr-
    corpse, dead
  13. phil-
  14. psych-
  15. ration-
  16. sci- scit-
    to know
  17. soph-
  18. solv- solut-
    to loosen
  19. spec- -spic-
    to look at
  20. A.D.
    (anno domini) in the year of the lord
  21. a.m.
    (ante meridiem) before noon
  22. c.
    (circa) about
  23. c.v.
    (curriculum vitae) course of life; career achievements
  24. cf.
    (confer) compare
  25. e.g.
    (exempli gratia) for the sake of an example
  26. etc.
    (et cetera) and other things
  27. i.e.
    (id est) that is
  28. ibid.
    (ibidem) in the same place
  29. n.b.
    (nota bene) note well
  30. p.m.
    (post meridiem) after midday
  31. p.s.
    (post scriptum) written after
  32. v.
    (versus) against
  33. a fortiori
    "from the stronger argument" (with even greater reason)
  34. a priori
    "from the earlier argument" (self-evident)
  35. ad hoc
    "for this purpose" (a short-term, unplanned provision)
  36. ad hominem
    "against the person" (an argument against a particular person rather than the principle involved)
  37. ad nauseam
    "to the point of sickness"
  38. alumnus/alumna
    "a male/female foster child" (a male/female graduate student of a university)
  39. cum laude
    "with praise"
  40. deus ex machina
    "a god from the machine"
  41. ex gratia
    "out of goodwill" (a payment made out of favor rather than obligation)
  42. ex officio
    "as a result of being in office"
  43. ex tempore
    "out of time" (improvised)
  44. in camera
    "in a room" (in a judge's chambers)
  45. in toto
    "in total"
  46. inter alia
    "among other things"
  47. mutatis mutandis
    "with the various factors changed that need to be changed"
  48. non sequitur
    "it does not follow" (an argument that does not follow logically from what has gone before)
  49. quorum
    "of whom" (the minimum number of members of a body required for a meeting)
  50. sine die
    "without a date" (without setting a date)
  51. terminus ante quem
    "the limit before which" (the time before which something occurred; the finishing point of a period)
  52. terminus post quem
    "the limit after which" (the time after which something occurred; the starting point of a period)
  53. vice versa
    "in turn"
  54. a- an-
    not, without, un
  55. amphi-
    both, on both sides, around
  56. ana-
    up, back, again
  57. anti- ant-
    instead of, against, in opposition to, opposite
  58. apo-
    from, off, out of, away, away from, utterly, completely
  59. cata- cat-
    down, against, completely, wrongly
  60. dia- di-
    through, across, over, apart
  61. dys-
  62. ec- ex-
    out, from, off
  63. en- em-
  64. epi- ep-
    upon, on, above, over, at, near, in addition
  65. exo- ecto-
  66. hyper-
    over, above, beyond, excessive
  67. hypo- hyp-
    under, below, insufficient
  68. meta- met-
    behind, beyond
  69. para- par-
    beside, beyond, near, incorrectly
  70. peri-
    around, about
  71. pro- (greek)
    earlier, in front of, instead of
  72. syn- sym- syl- sy-
    together, with
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