Julius Caesar

  1. Describe Julius Caesar(4)
    • Skilled horseman, swordsman
    • epileptic.(seizures)
    • Respected by troops
    • political/military genius.
  2. Where were pirates captured?
    on way to Rhodes.
  3. What happened to the pirates?
    they got Crucified, by get throats cut first.
  4. Who did Julius Caesar cultivate a friendship with? and who was he?
    • Crassus
    • One of Romes richest men.
  5. Who was included in the first Triumvirate?
    • Pompey
    • Crassus
    • Caesar
  6. Describe Pompey(3)
    • One of Romes greatest generals
    • had military success in east
    • very popular
  7. Describe Crassus
    Jealous enemy of Pompey.
  8. Describe Caesar(2)
    • Friendly to both
    • arranged alliance to control Rome
  9. What was Pompeys grievance with the senate?
    refused land for members of his disbanded army
  10. What was Crassus's grivance with the senate?
    Denied profitable tax collecting venture in Asia.
  11. What was Caesars grievance with the senate?
    Given supervision of forests and cattle trails instead of provincial governorship.
  12. What did Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar want?
    to oppose senate
  13. What happened when the senate gave in?
    • Pompeys Men got land
    • Crassuses business problems were resolved.
    • Caear put over cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul(france)
  14. What did Caesar do with his soldiers?
    recruited them far from Rome, they were loyal to him.
  15. What did Caesar become enriched with? and what happened from it?
    • Enriched with loot from conquered territories
    • conquested impressed the romans.
  16. Who did Caesar conquer for Rome?
  17. Where did Pompey stay?
    in Rome near senate
  18. Crassus was ----- while ----- in Asia
    • killed
    • campaigning
  19. At the death of Crassus, what dissolved?
  20. Who was the senate afraid of? and who did he side with?
    • Caesar
    • Pompey
  21. What did the senate demand Caesar?
    that he give up Gaul and return without army.
  22. Where did Caesar, after he heard about Senate, march toward?
  23. What launched the civil war?
    Taking army outside assigned territory
  24. Where did Pompey fled from?
    Rome to Greece
  25. After battle ------, Pompey fled to ---
    • Pharsalus
    • Egypt
  26. What happened to Pompey?
    Stabbed to death
  27. What happened when Caesar Stayed in Egypt?(2)
    • had affair with Cleopatra
    • Suppressed everyone loyal to Pompey.
  28. Name five achievements of Julius Caesar?
    • public works projects(jobs)
    • land to poor
    • reorganized governments of provinces
    • citizenship to more people
    • Julian Calendar.
  29. What was Caesar named?
    dictator for life
  30. Who was the dictator for life?
  31. When was Caesar murdered? and why?
    • March 15th- the ides of march
    • He ignored "bad omens"
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