1. Schemata
    is the term for what the student already knows. It is improtant to activate that prior knowledge and usi it in the curren treain process. Ex. KWL
  2. SQ3R
    is a method students can use prior to reading. They are approaching a book by surveying, asking questions, and reading , reciting and reviewing
  3. Vocabulary
    can be introduced and taught prior to reading a stroy. similarly, concepts or ideas in teh sorty can be explained proior to reading.
  4. Choral reading
    has two or more individuals readidn aloud from the same text in unison to enhance oral reading fluency.
  5. Echo reading
    is a strategy in whcih the teacher reads a line or passage with good expression, and then calls on students tot read it back. this is a good tech. to use with emergent readers to help them buld reading fluency.
  6. partner reading
    ask a student and a partnere to take turns reading aloud to each other.
  7. reading to studnets
    is a traditional method where students acan hear thextt, spoken. this is particularly effective where studnets are non nativ espeakers of English.
  8. Reciprocal reading
    also know as reciprocal teaching, is a set of four strategies the teacher can use with struggling readers to help them develop comprehension. in paris or small groups, the students tak turns "playing teacehr" in activities in which they question, summarize, clarify and predict.
  9. oral reading
    by studnet is when they read aloud to increase fluency. this is particularyly efective when teaching drama or when reaidng dialogue.
  10. shared reading
    is an activity in which the teacher and students sit together around a text so taht all can listen, see the printed words, and look at the pictures. individual students are selected to point to the printed word and the other students join in , reading at their own level expertise.
  11. SSR
    is sustained silent reading. It prepares students to become lifelon readers, and most of the readign is done silence.
  12. graphic organizer
    are cognitive maps and other visual representations tahta help students organize and understand inforamtion in the story.
  13. Guided reading
    is a strategy by which the teacher provides sturcture vis modeling strategies in order to moce beginning readers towards independence. WHile the reading process is going on, the teacher encourages the student to make notes about conceptes, answer question sthey may have come up with in prereading, reread confusing passages and looc closely at unfamilar words.
  14. LEA (Language Experinec approach)
    a method of teaching reading which is dictated by teh readers own language and experience. It allwos the reader to read words common to his or her enviorment.
  15. Literature circles
    improtant to the cooperative reading process. the fourn compnenet s of literature circles? reading responding creating projects and sharing.
  16. Visualizing
    means picturing in your mind what is happening in the text to increase comprehension.
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