1. Wilhelm I
    he was a ruler of Germany during WWI
  2. World War I
    this was known as the kaiser's war
  3. Frederick III
    he was the ruler of Germany who had cancer and died under the care of a British doctor
  4. Alsace and Loraine
    this is French land taken by Germany at the end of the Franco-Prussian War
  5. Hague
    this is a conference to decide the laws and regulations of war
  6. Schliffen Plan
    German plan to defeat France in 40 days
  7. Woodrow Wilson
    He was president of USA who kept us out of war
  8. Ferdinand
    he was the archduke of Austria-Hungary who was assasinated and started WWI
  9. Princep
    he assasinated the auchduke of Austria-Hungary and this started WWI
  10. Black Hand
    this is the secret society who plotted and killed the archduke of A-H
  11. Sarajevo
    city where the archduke of A-H was assasinated
  12. triple alliance
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  13. Triple Entrente
    France, Russia, England
  14. Italy
    this was the first country to change sides
  15. Russia
    this was the first country to quit WWI
  16. USA
    this country took the place of Russia
  17. Belgium
    this is the first battlefield of WWI
  18. Belgium
    they gained 3 valuable weeks for the french army against the germans
  19. neutral
    this is a policy that says you do not want to be in war
  20. Belgium
    this violation of neutrality of this country caused England to be involved in the war
  21. Bouillon Kub
    this was the spy poster telling the German army all needed information
  22. Beg Bertha
    this is the mystery gun of WWI that shelled Paris
  23. Trench Warfare
    this is a series of ditches along the front
  24. No Man's Land
    this is an area of land between the enemy trenches
  25. Christmas Truce
    this is a 24 hr. period of peace; no fighting, play games, ate food and returned to fighting the next day
  26. Monroe Doctrine
    hands off policy between E and W hemispheres
  27. Wilhelm II
    king of germany during WWI. he abdicated and fled to Netherlands
  28. Hindenburg
    • supreme commander of all german forces
    • following the war- later became president of germany and appointed hitler as chancelor
  29. Ludendorff
    chief of staff who planned to do or die plan for germany ending WWI
  30. Foch
    Supreme allied commander of all allied armies
  31. Foch
    accepted the German armistice in a railroad car in Compiegne
  32. Pershing
    american commander of all american soldiers
  33. York
    american soldier who captured 132 german soldiers, shot 28 w/ 28 bullets, and captured 35 german machine guns
  34. "Layfayette, We are Here"
    these words told the french citizens that america will repay our debt to the french for their help in our american rev. war
  35. blockade
    this is a policy by force to prevent anything going in or out
  36. mine
    this is a floating device above or below the water that will explode upon contact
  37. war zone
    this is all waters surrounding England
  38. unrestricted submaring warfare
    this was a german policy that would sink and ship escort
  39. convoy
    this is a group of ships sailing together for protection w/ a warship escort
  40. Q-ships
    these are the submarine killers in disguise
  41. Lusitania
    this is a large passenger ship sunk by germans killing 123 americans
  42. Turner
    he is the commander of the Lusitania who sailed in a straight line slower that 14 knots
  43. Schwieger
    He was a commander of the German Submarine who knowingly sank the Lusitania
  44. Zimmerman
    this was a german telegram tellin gmexico to war w/ USA and reclaim the lost territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
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