psych 260 hapter 16

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Chronic disorder, Difficult to develop normal social relations, Communication impaired, Lack of imaginative ability, Repetitive, stereotypical movements, Symptoms vary, Apserger’s syndrome the “mildest” form of ASD,Severe ASD marked by lack of language
  2. ADHD
    Uninhibited responses, Lack of sustained attention, Hyperactivity, First shows itself in childhood, ADHD is the most common behavior disorder that shows itself in childhood, 3–5 % reduction in brain volume (Prefrontal cortex and caudate nucleus)
  3. ADHD: contributing factors
    Genetics (Hereditary factors are strong), Learning (Delay of reinforcement gradient),Biological (Abnormalities in dopaminergic transmission)
  4. Stress Disorder
    A general, imprecise term that can refer either to a stress response or to a stressor
  5. Stress disorder: stress response
    physiological reaction caused by the perception of aversive or threatening situations
  6. Stress disorder: stressor
    stimulus that produces a stress response
  7. Stress disorder: flight-or-flight response
    species-typical response preparatory to fighting or fleeing
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