Chapter 7 Terms

  1. systematics-
    study of kinds, diversity of organisms, and interrelationships
  2. taxonomy-
    science and practice of classification
  3. phylogenetics-
    study of evolutionary relatedness of taxa
  4. character-
    any observable feature of a taxon, which may differentiate it
  5. states-
    different conditions of a character
  6. binary-
    2 distinct states
  7. multistate-
    more than 2 states
  8. attribute-
    possession of a paticular state of a character
  9. diagnostic character state-
    can define and distinguish a taxon, should be unique to taxon
  10. qualitative character-
    discrete states (shapes)
  11. quantitave character-
    states with values that can be counted or measured
  12. meristic-
  13. continuous quantitative-
    measured (length or width)
  14. homoplasy-
    convergent or parallel evolution of structures
  15. homology-
    • similarity as a result of common ansestory
    • 1. similarity in outward appearance, devolopment, composition, position of features
    • 2. conjunction, 2 homologous features cannot occur simultaneously in the same organism
  16. congruence-
    test for homology with other homologies
  17. serial homology-
    correspondence of an identically derived feature of one segment with the feature of another
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