math vocab

  1. Domain
    another name for the possible values of x
  2. Graph
    set of all points in a coordinate plane that represent all the solutions of the equation
  3. intercept
    when and equation is solved in the form y = mx + b, b represents the y-intercept
  4. Range
    in a function, the possible values for Y
  5. Rise
    change in y.
  6. Run
    change in X.
  7. System
    two or more linear equations with the same variables
  8. Variable
    a quantity that changes or the can have different values
  9. Alternate Exterior Angle
    These angle are on opposite sides of the transversal and are outside the other two lines
  10. Alternate Interior Angles
    These angles are on opposite sides of the transversal and are in between the other two lines
  11. Complementay Angles
    two angles whose sum is 90 degrees
  12. Congruent
    having the same size, shape, and measure
  13. Corresponding Angles
    angles that have the same relative positions in geometric figures
  14. Equiangular
    the property of a poly gon whose angles are all congruent
  15. Equalateral
    the poroperty of a polygon whose sides are all congruent
  16. Parallel Lines
    two lines that lie in the same plane and do not intersect
  17. Perpendicular Lines
    two lines that intersect at a right angle
  18. Supplementary Angles
    two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
  19. Transversal
    a line that crosses two ro more lines
  20. Vertical Angles
    two nonadjacent angles formed by intersecting lines or segments
  21. Associative Prop of Addition
    changing the grouping of the numbers in a sum does not change the sum

    Ex: (9+6)+2 = 9+(6+2)
  22. Associative Prop of Mult
    changeing the grouping of the numbers in a product does not change the product

    Ex: (3x10)x4 = 3x(10x4)
  23. Commutative Prop of Add
    in a sum, you can add the numbers in any order
  24. Commutative Prop of Mult
    in a product, you can multiply the numbers in any order

    Ex: 8(-5) = -5(8)
  25. Distributive
    a(b+c) = ab + ac
  26. Addition Prop of Equality
    adding the same number to each side of an equation produces an equivalent equation
  27. Multiplication Prop of Equality
    multiplying both sides of an equation by the same number produces an equivalent expression
  28. Element
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  29. Union
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