English Test-Social Structure

  1. What is the name of the cottage in the 3 Strangers?
    Higher Crowstairs
  2. What class is Stranger #1 in?
    Middle class.
  3. Describe Stranger #1 appearance
    wearing dark clothes. tall, about 40 years old.
  4. What is strange about Stranger #1?
    He won't take his hat off. Surveys the room looking for things he could take.
  5. What class is #2 in?
  6. Describe #2 appearance.
    old, wearing a greatcoat with some ornamentals
  7. What is strange about #2?
    He is sort of rude, keeps filling his mead cup
  8. What is #2 proffesion?
  9. What class is #3?
  10. Describe physical appearance of #3.
    fair complexion (not much sun), decent/dark suit, scared and trembling
  11. What does #3 that is different from the other strangers?
    He doesn't do anything suspicious or rude. Unthreatening.
  12. What town is the 2nd stranger going to?
  13. Who was the 2nd stranger going to execute?
    The first stranger who is the brother of the 3rd.
  14. What did the 1st stranger steal?
    a sheep
  15. How does abuse of power come out in 3 strangers?
    unfair punishment of the 1st stranger. The law is portrayed as dumb by Hardy.
  16. Who does Mr.Fennel think the 3rd stranger is?
    The escaped prisoner.
  17. How many were at the party?
  18. What is placed on the chimney piece to symbolize a party happening?
  19. What is Naturalism?
    The belief that Nature=suffering. take on difficulties of life. (pain, injustice, poverty, etc) 3 strangers talks about injustice.
  20. How does Thomas Hardy use idea of naturalism in 3 strangers?
    take on difficulties of life. (pain, injustice, poverty, etc) 3 strangers talks about injustice.
  21. What time period does 3 strangers take place in?
    Victorian Era
  22. What queen ruled during Victorian era?
    Queen victoria.
  23. Which empire began expanding during the Victorian Era?
    British Empire, was becoming a world power.
  24. What were some of the characteristics as far as economics, lifestyle, etc?
    industry/factory. Science was developing, economy booming, inventions taking off
  25. What were the three classes of the V.E from top to bottom?
    Upper, Middle, Working
  26. What were some common attributes to Victorian literature?
    Romantic, Realism/Naturalism-writers showing darker side to life (industrial)
  27. During what time period was the Victorian Era?
  28. "He had hair as yellow as wax hanging down smoothly like a hank of flax. in driblets fell his locks behind his head...he'd sewed a holy relic on his cap...on one short day, in money down, he drew more than a parson in a month or two"
  29. He loved so hotly that till dawn grew pale he slept as little as a nightingale
  30. And she had little dogs she would be feeding with roasted flesh, or milk, or fine white bread
  31. Hunting a hare or ride a fence was all his fun, he spared no expense. I saw his sleeves were garnished at the hand with fine gray fur, the finest in the land
  32. Who truly knew gods gospel and would preach devoutly to parishioners and teach it
  33. For he was qualified to hear confessions or so he said, with more than priestly scope he had a special license from the pope
  34. His mighty mouth was like a furnace door a wrangler and buffoon he had a store of tavern stories filthy in the main
  35. he came from dartmouth, so i understood he rose a farmer's horse as best he could. in a woolen gown that reached his knee.
  36. Who from the day on which he first began to ride abroad had followed chivalry. truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy
  37. but what a pity-so it seemed to me that he should have an ulcer on his knee. as for blancmange, he made it with the best
  38. What class would the Knight fall into?
  39. Where does the knight look like he just came back from, why?
    Battle. he has marks all over his armor.
  40. Is the knight a good knight? Why?
    Yes. he follows chivalry (loyal to king, courtesy, truth, honor, etc)
  41. How many battles has the knight fought in?
  42. How would one rate the knight?Why?
    10. He does what he's supposed to do.
  43. What class is the squire?
  44. What are some physical characteristics of the squire? Who could one compare him to?
    young, curly red hair, strong/athletic, fresh clothing. SORT OF LIKE A COLLEGE JOCK
  45. What is the two main personality traits the squire is known for?
    Flirting with the ladies and his temper.
  46. Why is it bad that he wants the ladies?
    He isn't fighting for the king. not living up to knightly duties.
  47. Is the squire talented?
    yes, he can play flute, sing, ride, joust, write poems, etc.
  48. How would the squire rate? Why?
    around a 7.5. He's young, doesn't always live up to his duties perfectly, but a generally nice kid.
  49. What class is the nun?
  50. Most important physical traits?
    Overweight, red lips, coy smile
  51. what do the red lips represent for the nun?
    flirty promiscuity
  52. what does the nun carry around with her?
    Rosary beads and dogs.
  53. what language does the church speak?
  54. what does the nun give to her dogs? Why is this bad?
    White bread. very precious commodity, she should give it to the hungry.
  55. Where would the nun rate? Why?
    around 5. Doesn't live up to duties as a nun. Helps animals instead of fellow human beings. promiscuous.
  56. What are some physical characteristics of the monk?
    fat and bald.
  57. What color robes does the monk wear? why does this matter
    he wears brown robes. Monks are supposed to wear gray
  58. What does the monk do to his clothes? why does this matter?
    he adorns them, very flashy, nice clothes (with real fur). Monks are supposed to live simply, only for church.
  59. What does the monk do that is illegal to the monk lifestyle?
  60. What are some unflattering personality traits of the monk?
    lazy, hates rules
  61. Where does the monk leave? is this good or bad?
    he leaves the monastery. this is bad. against monastery rules.
  62. where would the monk rate? why?
    around a 2. Doesn't follow his own religion at all, very hypocritical.
  63. What other character is similiar to the monk as far as dress? what does he wear?
    The friar. He is also very flashy, likes jewelry, fancy clothes and wears a cape
  64. Why does the friar take gifts from people?
    He takes them in exchange for atonement for sins
  65. What kinds of people does the monk see?
    Good-looking people, mostly women.
  66. What is wrong with the friar taking confessions?
    he wasn't given permission from the pope. he is doing it out of greed.
  67. How would the friar rank? why?
    Around a 2 or 3. He's the town drunk, greedy. Not very honest.
  68. What class does the merchant fall into?
  69. What is the main facial characteristic of the Merchant?
    He has a forking beard
  70. What does the Merchant wear on his head?
    Beaver hat
  71. Is the merchant good at his job?
    He is a good bargainer, but he is in debt even though he hides this.
  72. What is one unfavorable personality trait of the merchant?
    he brags about how he doesn't loses
  73. How would the merchant rate? why?
    around a 5. doesn't really do anything bad. sort of cocky, not the best guy but not horrible.
  74. What class is the plowman?
  75. What does the plowman wear? what does this say about him?
    tabbard smock. he's poor.
  76. Who is the Plowman's brother?
    the parson
  77. How would the plowman rate? why?
    He's a very good citizen. rates at a 10 for his hard work, caring for others, devotion to god, generosity, trustworthiness
  78. What class does the miller fall into?
  79. What are the main physical traits of the miller? who can he be compared to?
    he's very strong, with red hair, wart on nose, large nostrils, big mouth, short. COMPARED TO OGRE.
  80. What kind of shows does the miller perform in?
  81. Is the miller smart?
    No, he's sort of dumb, always bragging.
  82. What instrument does the miller play? what does he do for the pilgrim party?
    Bagpipes. plays the party out of town.
  83. How would the miller rate?why?
    around a 1.5. he doesn't really do anything for society. dumb drunk, makes innapropriate jokes.
  84. What party is the franklin?
  85. What color is the franklins beard?
  86. what does the franklin carry with him?
    a dagger and silk purse
  87. what occupation is the franklin?
  88. What is the franklin known for doing with his land, food, wine, etc.
    he's generous. likes to drink and have parties. keeps house open
  89. What class is the summoner?
  90. Is the summoner good-looking? why or why not?
    He's very ugly. boils all over face and very red, small eyes, scabby eyebrows, etc.
  91. what does the summoner wear on his head?
  92. Who follows the summoner?
  93. What is interesting about this two men (summoner/pardonner)
    they seem to be gay together
  94. How is the pardonner opposite from the summoner in appearance?
    He's clean shaven, has straight yellow hair. more taken care of.
  95. What language does the summoner speak?
  96. How would the summmoner rate? why?
    around a 2. He's kind of dumb, scares people into giving confessions (say's they'll go to hell) he's sort of an imposter or the church.
  97. How would the pardonner rate? why?
    around a 3. he's more gentle and feminine than the summoner, but he's greedy and makes $ off selling fake relics.
  98. What class is the cook?
  99. are the people aware of the cooks methods?
    no, they have no idea.
  100. What class is the skipper?
  101. what is his proffesion?
  102. how does Becket make fun of the skipper?
    he makes fun of his wool gown/tan
  103. what did the skipper do to his prisoners? what does this say about him?
    they always walked the plank. he was merciless
  104. what was the name of the skipper's boat?
  105. Is the skipper a good sailor? what is he not good at? (becket making fun)
    He's very good at navigating/sailing but can't even ride a horse (satire)
  106. What class is the doctor?
  107. what methods does the doctor use for his medicine?
    stars/astronomy. also, natural magic (vodoo, charms,etc)
  108. What class is the parson?
  109. what does the parson carry?
  110. who is the parsons brother?
  111. is he rich or poor?
  112. In what specific areas is the parson intelligent in?
    he's very intelligent in the gospel. he's devoted to religion, good preacher, pastor of small town, caring and genorous
  113. What time period is The Canterbury Tales set in?
  114. What time period was the Medieval period?
  115. Who wrote the canterbury tales?
    geoffrey chaucer
  116. who are the pilgrims going to see?
    Thomas Becket
  117. How many tales are the pilgrims supposed to tell?
    2 on the way to canterbury and 2 coming back
  118. what kind of story is the canterbury tales?
    frame story
  119. What was another name for Geoffrey Chaucer?
    The Father of English
  120. What language came about during the medieval period as a result of the noman conquest?
    Middle English
  121. What are the three classes of the medieval period from top to bottom?
    Upper, Clergy, Serfs
  122. What did the upper class speak?
    french (law)
  123. What did the clergy (church) speak?
  124. What did the feudal/serfs speak?
  125. what is feudalism?
    property for personal service
  126. What did the overlord do for feudalism?
    granted property
  127. what did the vassal do? who was he under?
    received land. the overlord
  128. What did the Domesday book do?
    kept track of property promised to vassals
  129. What were the vassals responsible for giving to knights?
    supplied armor.
  130. what did the knights recieve for land?
    smaller land plots called manors
  131. what were the 3 stages of knighthood?
  132. What battle began the MedievalPeriod?
    Battle of Hastings
  133. What caused the Battle of Hastings?
    Harold II became king after Edward William wanted crown William took crown in battle
  134. What were some benefits of feudalism?
    established towns, helped trade/economoy
  135. What is an example of a guild?
    Craft-weavers, carpenters, etc
  136. What were some benefits of the crusades?
    Expanded travel/trade
  137. What killed 1/3 of population?
    Black Death
  138. What were benefits of BD?
    serfs rose up because of labor shortage. standards of living improved because they could ask for higher wages and benefits
  139. What title did Thomas Becket have?
    Archbishop of Canterbury
  140. Why was Becket killed?
    Henry though he would follow his ideals, when he didn Henry was angry and his knights killed Becket thinking thats what Henry wanted
  141. What did Henry do about Beckets murder?
    He was angry, condemed the deed and made a pilgramage to canterbury to ask for pope's forgiveness
  142. What did King Henry try to do with the church
    Keep them from corrupton (taking money, greediness, etc)
  143. After Becket died what did he become?
    considered a marty
  144. What month would the pilgrims go to see Becket?
    April, every year
  145. What house was represented by the red rose?
  146. What house was represented by the white rose?
  147. What happened between the two rose houses?
    they fought for power
  148. Who ended the war of roses? How?
    Henry Tudor. He claimed throne and created house of tudor
  149. what came about as a result of the house of tudor?
    English renaissance
  150. Who invented the printing press? Who did this help?
    William Caxton. They didn't have to write everything by hand anymore
  151. What is the name of the place where Winston lives?
    He lives in a block of rundown apartments called "victory mansions"
  152. What are the 3 social classes of 1984?
    Inner party, outer party, and the proles
  153. What department does Syme work for?
    he works in the Research department
  154. What percentage of the country are the proles?
  155. What crime does this quote represent? "your own worst enemy is your nervous system"
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