French Travel Verbs

  1. aller
    to go
  2. venir
    to come
  3. voyager
    to travel
  4. faire un voyage
    to take a trip
  5. voler
    to fly
  6. arriver
    to arrive
  7. retourner
    to go back to, return to
  8. passer
    to spend
  9. rester
    to stay
  10. partir de
    to leave from
  11. conduire
    to drive
  12. monter
    to go up, to get on
  13. descendre
    to go down, descend
  14. demander le chemin
    to ask the way/direction
  15. faire les valises
    to pack
  16. durer
    to last
  17. louer
    to rent
  18. acheter un billet
    to buy a ticket
  19. être perdu(e)
    to be lost
  20. reserver à l’avance (une chambre; un siège; une place)
    to reserve in advance (a room, seat, place)
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French Travel Verbs
French Travel Verbs