Using Electricity: Behind the Wall

  1. why is household wiring connected in parallel?
    • so that each appliance receives the full supply voltage
    • if one appliance is switched off the others will remain on
  2. What do main fuses protect?
    the mains wiring from overheating and causing a fire if too large a current in drawn
  3. what is circuit breakers?
    automatic switches which trigger when too large a current is drawn
  4. Why do circuit breakers have the advantage over fuses?
    they can simply be reset and used again
  5. what is the kilowatt-hour?
    a unit of energy
  6. what is a ring circuit?
    a special type of parallel circuit which connects the sockets in the home
  7. What is the advantages of a ring circuit?
    • less current in each wire
    • thinner cable can be used
    • less risk of overheating
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