Geography - Migration

  1. What is migration?
    The movement of people between or within a country.
  2. What is the difference between emigrants and immigrants?
    • Emigrants - are people that leave a country
    • Immigrants - are people arriving into a country
  3. What are the two types of migration?
    Forced and Voluntary
  4. What are causes of forced migration? (7)
    • Religious or Political prosecution
    • Wars
    • Slavery
    • Lack of food
    • Racial discrimination
    • Natural disasters
    • Overpopulation
  5. What are the causes of voluntary migration? (3)
    • Employment
    • Better climate
    • Better services
  6. What are refugees?
    They are people moving country because of forced migration.
  7. Immigrants leave their country in search of a better country. Are these countries often all they're cracked up to be? What problems are immigrants faced with? (6)
    • No. They face:
    • Low income
    • Lowest jobs
    • Overcrowded residency
    • Fewer education options
    • Language barrier
  8. What is Rural-to-Urban migration?
    When people leave rural areas in searched of more urbanised areas.
  9. What is Regional migration?
    When people move from an area in a region to another. Often in search of better housing/facilities.
  10. What is Counterurbanisation?
    When people and companies move from bustling areas to smaller quieter areas. Often for bigger land and properties.
  11. What are the push and pull factors? (4)
    • Employment
    • Housing
    • Environmental factors
    • Social factors
  12. What is the case study for migration?
    Turks into Germany
  13. Why were the Turks attracted to migrating to Germany?
    Because they had many job openings.
  14. What kind of jobs did the Turks often receive in Germany?
    The dirty unskilled jobs that the Germans didn't want.
  15. What were the advantages for Turkey losing it's workers? (4)
    • Decline in birth rate
    • Migrants develop new skills
    • Money is earnt and sent back to Turkey
    • Reduces pressure on resources (eg. food)
  16. What were the disadvantages for Turkey losing it's workers? (4)
    • Lose working age people
    • Loses most educated and skilled people generally
    • Mostly males leave, causing gender imbalance
    • Leaves an elderly population, highens death rate
  17. What are the advantages for Germany receiving workers? (5)
    • Overcomes labour shortages
    • Workers to do unwanted jobs
    • Workers prepared for long hours and low salaries
    • Cultural advantages
    • Some highly skilled workers
  18. What are the disadvantages for Germany receiving workers? (4)
    • Pressure on jobs, immigrant workers more likely to be fired first
    • Low quality, overcrowded housing
    • Racial tension
    • Language difficulties
  19. What is the case study for immigration?
    Mexicans into California
  20. Why did the Mexicans immigrate to California? (3)
    • Mexico had:
    • low standards of living
    • insufficient jobs
    • poor education.
  21. How many illegal immigrants from Mexico cross the Californian every year?
    Approx between 1 and 2 million
  22. What kind of jobs did the Mexicans take in California?
    Seasonal jobs
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