1. If it were necessary for you to frequently replace the packing on the main condensate pump, the trouble could be the result of
    worn bearings
  2. The simplest method to use for determining if a centrifugal pump is operating as designed, is to
    close off the discharge valve, and watch for a rise in pressure
  3. One of three available centrifugal salt water service pumps is in operation with a sea water temperature of 50�F. The cooling temperature of all systems supplied by this pump appears to be high. Therefore, you should
    start a second pump and place it on line, close the discharge valve on the original pump and watch for a rise in the discharge pressure
  4. If the flow of water from a centrifugal pump is allowed to be stopped by closing the discharge valve while the pump continues to run for an indefinite period, the
    liquid may overheat and vaporize
  5. You suspect a problem with the centrifugal fire pump on your ship, and begin to slowly close the discharge valve. Your suspicion is confirmed when the
    discharge valve is closed off and there is no change in the discharge pressure
  6. Excessive air leakage into the suction side of a centrifugal pump would be indicated by which of the following operational problems?
    The pump delivers full capacity when started, but gradually slackens on to an abnormally low flow.
  7. If a centrifugal pump is being driven by a steam turbine and the discharge valve is closed off, the pump will
    no longer continue to internally convert the resultant energy imparted to the pump
  8. When securing a distillate pump on a low pressure fresh water evaporator, which of the listed steps should be carried out FIRST?
    Trip the three-way solenoid dump valve.
  9. When securing a centrifugal type distillate pump, which of the listed steps should be carried out first?
    Trip the three way dump valve.
  10. When a horizontal type centrifugal pump is used for dewatering the engine room bilges, you would I. use a rotary, liquid piston type pump to obtain a prime II. partially open the sea suction valve, then gradually switch over to the required engine room bilge suction valve
    Either I or II
  11. Which of the conditions listed could prevent a centrifugal condensate pump from developing its rated capacity?
    Closing the water seal line to the packing gland.
  12. Which of the listed pumping arrangements will be hazardous when two similar centrifugal pumps are used to discharge a cargo of flammable liquid?
    Each pump operating at a different pressure and discharging into a common line.
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