American Federal Government

  1. Mercantilism
    economic theory designed to increase a nation's wealth through development of commercial industry and a favorable balance of trade
  2. First Continental Congress
    meeting held in Philadelphia from September 5th to October 26th, 1774 in which 56 delegates (from every colony except Georgia) adopted a resolution in opposition to the Coercive Acts
  3. Second Continental Congress
    meeting that convened in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775, at which it was decided that an army should be raised & George Washington of Virginia was named commander in chief
  4. Declaration of Independence
    drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 & proclaimed the right of the American colonies to seperate from Great Britian ~ drew heavily off Locke's social contract theories
  5. Articles of Confederation
    compact among 13 colonies that created a loose league of friendship, w/ national government drawing powers from the state, proposed: -state retain independence & sovereignty, -one vote incontinental congress per state, -vote of 9 states to pass, - national government to make peace, coin $, army offciers, and negotiate w/ Indians, -selections & $ of delegates
  6. Confederation
    type of government where the national government derives its powers from the states; league of independent states
  7. Checks & Balances
    constitutionally mandated structure that gives each of the 3 branches some degree of oversight & control over actions of others
  8. Separation of Powers
    dividing government power to legislative, executive & judicial branches, each staffed seperately w/ equality & independence assured by the constitution
  9. Three-Fifths Compromise
    agreement reached at the constitutional convention stipulating that each slave was to be counted as 3/5ths of a person for purposes of determining population for reps in US house of reps
  10. Great Compromise
    final decision of the Constitutional Convention to create 2-house legislature w/ lower house elected by the people & w/ powers divided between the 2 houses ~ made natural law supreme law
  11. Conservative
    believes that a government is best that governs least & that big government can only infringe on individual, personal & economic rights
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