Chapter 1

  1. What is the study of structure?
  2. What is the study of function?
  3. Why must we study anatomy and physiology together?
    Interdependence apon each other
  4. What are the different levels of organization?
    Chemical, Cellular, Tissue, Organ, System, Organismic
  5. What is the smallest level of organization?
    Chemical Level
  6. What level or organization is the smallest living unit?
    Cellular Level
  7. What level of organization is a group of similar cells?
    Tissue Level
  8. What level of organization is a group of tissues with a structure and shape?
    Organ Level
  9. What are 4 example of an organ level of organization?
    Heart, lungs, kidney, brain
  10. What level is a group of organs that work together?
    System Level
  11. What is the largest group of systems?
    Organismic Level
  12. What is Metabolism?
    All chemical reactions that occur in the body
  13. What are the 2 types of chemical reactions in metabolism?
    Anabolic and Catabolic
  14. What is an anabolic reaction and what does it require?
    Build up, requires ATP
  15. What is a catabolic reaction?
    Breakdown that gives off energy
  16. What is excitability?
    Response to stimuli
  17. What is conductivity?
    Carrying electric charge
  18. What is contractility?
    Ability to shorten
  19. What are the 2 types of reproduction?
    Assexual and Sexual
  20. What is assexual reproduction?
    1 organism that splits-mitosis
  21. What is sexual reproduction?
    2 organisms that come together to make 1- new person (mieosis)
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