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  1. Why are the drivers of the Dover mail coach hesitant to stop for Jerry Cruncher’s message?
    They fear that he is a highwayman attempting to rob the passengers.
  2. What object does Doctor Manette keep during his imprisonment in order to escape “in spirit”?
    A lock of his wife’s hair
  3. By what name do the men in Defarge’s wine shop call their fellow revolutionaries?
  4. During her testimony, to whom does Lucie claim that Charles Darnay alluded on the boat ride from Calais to Dover?
    George Washington
  5. After Darnay’s acquittal, why does Sydney Carton claim to dislike him?
    Darnay reminds him of how far he has fallen and everything he might have been.
  6. To which animal does Dickens compare Sydney Carton?
    A jackal
  7. What image does Dickens frequently use to describe Lucie Manette?
    A golden thread
  8. Which characters is related to the Marquis, whose carriage runs down a small child?
    Charles Darnay
  9. Who does Miss Pross believe is the ideal suitor for Lucie Manette?
    Her brother, Solomon
  10. What does Mr. Lorry try to persuade Mr. Stryver not to do?
    Propose to Lucie Manette
  11. What does Jerry Cruncher frequently go out to do at night?
    Dig up bodies in the cemetery
  12. Who informs the Defarges that Lucie Manette has married Charles Darnay?
    John Barsad
  13. On the night after Lucie and Charles are married, what does Doctor Manette do?
    He reverts to his prison pastime of making shoes.
  14. During the storming of the Bastille, who decapitates the fortress’s guard?
    Madame Defarge
  15. Why does the Paris mob kill Foulon?
    Because he suggested that starving people should eat grass
  16. What is the duration of Manette’s psychological relapse after Lucie leaves for her honeymoon?
    Nine days
  17. Who develops a habit of watching and speaking to Lucie as she waits on a Paris street corner each day, hoping that Darnay will be able to see her from his prison window?
    A wood-sawyer
  18. Who does the spy John Barsad turn out to be?
    Miss Pross’ brother, Solomon
  19. Why was Doctor Manette imprisoned
    The Marquis Evrémonde feared that Manette would reveal one of the Marquis’ dark secrets.
  20. Which two cities does the title refer to?
    London and Paris
  21. Mr. Lorry profesion is
  22. What is the message that Mr. Lorry receives?
    "recalled to life"
  23. Who delivers the message to Mr. Lorry?
    Jerry Cruncher
  24. What does Mr. Lorry tell Lucie Manette?
    Her father is still alive
  25. How long was Doctor Manette imprisoned in the Bastille?
    18 years
  26. What does Gaspard write on the wall in wine and mud?
  27. In what year does this novel begin?
  28. What is Charles Darnay tried for in England?
  29. Why is Darnay acquitted?
    he resembles Carton
  30. Where do Darnay and Carton go together after the trial?
    a tavern
  31. Where in London do the Manettes live?
  32. Monseigneur is
    Charles Darnay's uncle
  33. Monseigneur is murdered by
    someone who calls himself Jacques
  34. Charles Darnay's moonlighting profession is
  35. Why does Darnay return to France and get imprisioned again
    To help his family's steward, who is in prison
  36. What is Madame Defarge knitting?
    A register of people who will be condemned to die after the revolutin.
  37. Who does the spy John Basard turn out to be?
    Miss Pross's brother, Solomon
  38. How does Carton get Charles out prison?
    He drugs Charles and switch places with him
  39. What type of reception does Charles receive in France?
    He was thrown in jail
  40. Who led the charge of the Bastille?
    The Defarges
  41. What cell number was M. Defarge looking for?
    Cell 105 in the north tower
  42. Was Roger Cly's body in the coffin?
    No, it was filled with rocks
  43. Why does Carton rescue Darnay?
    Because he loves Lucie, and he made a promise to her
  44. Lucie Manette
    has golden hair and is daughter of a physician
  45. Roger Cly
    a spy who is supposed to be dead
  46. Charles Darnay
    husband to Lucie and renounces his family name of Evremonde
  47. Madam Defarge
    cruel revolutionay who knits names of those who will die
  48. Monsieur Defarge
    wine shop owner
  49. What is the Bastille
    famous prison where Dr. Manette was held in for 18 years
  50. Jarvis Lorry
    an elderly business man who works for the Tellson's Bank. He took Lucie over to England from France, becomes the Manettes' close friend
  51. John Barsad
    English spy / Solomon Pross
  52. The Vengeance
    Madame Defarge's lieutenant
  53. Miss Pross
    Lucie's friend and servant
  54. Mr. Stryver
    Sydney Carton's attorney
  55. Gabelle
    asks Charles Darnay to come to France
  56. King of England during the novel
    George III
  57. Sydney Carton
    looks like Darnay, alcoholic, saves Darnay's life, is in love with Lucie
  58. Jerry Cruncher
    An odd-job man for Tellson’s Bank, who is also a resurection man
  59. Who gets mad at his wife for praying
    Jerry Cruncher
  60. What does jerry cruncher call himself
    An Honest tradesman
  61. who is the tellsons bank messenger
    Jerry Cruncher
  62. What is Gabelle occupation
  63. what is the message that Mr. Lorry recieves in the beginning of the book
    Wait at dover for mam'selle
  64. what is the responce to the message that Mr. Lorry recieves in the beginning of the book
    recalled to life
  65. what event did the spilling of wine foreshadow
    the french revolution
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