Amex: Chapter 17

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  1. 1896 USSC case which established the constitionality of the "seperate but equal" principle.
    Plessy vs. Ferguson
  2. Organization that decided which cases would challenge segregation laws at the supreme court level.
  3. 1954 landmark desegregation USSC case
    Brown vs Board of education
  4. Became first African American US Supreme Court justice, argued case in Brown vs board of edu.
    Thurgood Marshall
  5. This establishment suspended and expelled the student attempting to integrate instead of the rioters.
    University of Alabama
  6. This document, signed by 100 southern congressmen praised the motives of those states which had declared their intention to resist forced integration.
    Southern Manifesto
  7. Refusal of Blacks to use public transportation in an Alabama city
    Montgomery bus boycott
  8. Protestors are not allowed to fight back, even when provoked (term)
    nonviolent resistance
  9. Nonviolent resistance to draw attention to an unfair law with the hope of changing it.
    civil disobediance
  10. How long did it take for the bus boycott to be successful?
    400 days
  11. activists who would not tolerate compromise
  12. The Edmund Pettus Bridge is located in this city, state.
    Selma, AL
  13. Antithesis of the civil right's movement's goal of the racial integration
    black seperatism
  14. Riots lasting six days in August, 1965 took place in this neighborhood in this city
    • Watts neighborhood
    • Los Angelos
  15. What happened did the govener of Arkansas do about the Little Rock Nine?
    ordered national gaurd to surround the school to prevent integration
  16. Where was the famous lunch counter sit-in?
    Greensboro, NC
  17. Where were the freedom riders beaten? arrested?
    montgomery; jackson
  18. what year did the freedom rides occur?
  19. What year did the March on Washington occur?
  20. What year was the Civil Rights Act passed in?
  21. What year was freedom summer? What was it?
    1964; activists worked on voter registration in deep south
  22. When was "bloody sunday" selma?
    August 1965
  23. Who did MLK write his letter to the Birmingham Jail to?
    white clergymen
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