Bobby's Random Notecards VIII

  1. The Northern Blot can be seen during
  2. Inspired by Battle of Nicopolis
    Battle of Agincourt
  3. Repetition
    Soren Kierkegaard
  4. Operation that focused on Kenya
    Operation Blitz
  5. Oginga Odinga led…
  6. Island near Cape Horn
  7. Terrorist network sponsored by Pinochet
    Operation Condor
  8. Diana's Peak is the highest point of
    Saint Helena
  9. Two islands in the Azores
    • Sao Miguel
    • Pico
  10. Lederburg and Tatum studied this organism
    E. Coli
  11. Breakaway republic during the Meiji Restoration
  12. Separate peace in the War of Austrian Succession
    Peace of Dresden
  13. Issued the Doom Book
    Alfred the Great
  14. Attacked at Chippenham
    Alfred the Great
  15. Won the Battle of Eddington
    Alfred the Great
  16. Opponent of Alfred the Great
  17. Edward Everett was a member of this party
  18. Canal that connects the North and Baltic Seas
    Kiel Canal
  19. Indus site in Punjab
  20. Called the Saddest Day in Judaism
    Tisha B'Av
  21. Develops from Rathke's Pouch
    Pituitary Gland
  22. Southern group that supported the Compromise of 1850
    Georgia Platform
  23. Robert Toombs and Howell Cobb were part of this group
    Georgia Platform
  24. Beat elephants by setting camels on fire
  25. Drove the Assyrian Christians out of Iraq
  26. A Letter Concerning Toleration
  27. According to Locke, what two things shape all ideas?
    • Sensation
    • Reflection
  28. Brothers that were planners of the Gunpowder Plot
    Robert and Thomas Wintour
  29. Wrote a letter to his cousin in Parliament (Gunpowder Plot)
    Francis Tresham
  30. Geographic feature of Mount Kilimanjaro
    Western Breech
  31. Largest island in the Chesapeake Bay and who owns it
    • Kent Island
    • Maryland
  32. Firebrand abolitionist newspaper
    The Liberator
  33. Organized The Liberator
    William Lloyd Garrison
  34. von Rundstedt led German troops at this battle
    Battle of the Bulge
  35. Three Types of Legitimate Rule
    Max Weber
  36. Lover of Simon Bolivar
    Manuela Saenz
  37. Part 2 of this work talks about equal imposition of taxes
  38. Asked during Passover
    Ma Nishtana (Four Questions)
  39. Distinguished humanity from animals
    Karl Marx
  40. Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon
    Karl Marx
  41. Talked about CMC and MCM stuff
    Karl Marx
  42. What's the soul called in Zoroastrianism?
  43. Had the "Nine Jewels"
  44. Capital of Chile's Bio-Bio region
  45. Has the Bio-Bio region
  46. Famous argument of Descartes
    Wax Argument
  47. Formulated the Causal Adequacy Principle
  48. Rebellion in Australia (Not Rum Rebellion)
    Eureka Stockade
  49. Battle where Kublai Khan defeated the preceding dynasty
    Battle of Yamen
  50. Alashan Plateau is at the bottom of this desert
    Gobi Desert
  51. Guy that targeted Irving Peress at the Chicken Luncheon
    Joe McCarthy
  52. Spirits that Malinowski talked about
    Baloma Spirits
  53. Battle that helped the Umayyads rise to power
    Battle of Karbala
  54. Founded the Caliphate of Cordoba
  55. Has the Tigrinya and Tigre ethnic groups
  56. Owns the Dahlak Archipelago
  57. Effect that has to do with IQ
    Flynn Effect
  58. Ruler with a namesake Plague
  59. Vetoed Maysville Road Bill
    Andrew Jackson
  60. Richard Lawrence tried to assassinate this president
    Andrew Jackson
  61. Perpetual Peace
    Immanuel Kant
  62. Liwu River is on this island
  63. These bills punish people without a trial
    Bills of Attainder
  64. Afghanistan soldiers that fight against Americans
  65. Once thought to be caused by "Bad Air"
  66. Dealt with the "Conscription Crisis"
    William Lyon Mackenzie King
  67. Secondary duct in the Pancreas
    Duct of Santorini
  68. Hormone in the Pancreas
  69. Two Queen Victoria Incidents
    • Arrow Incident
    • Fashoda Crisis
  70. Dudes dress in a white unheeded cloth for this event
  71. Led the Germans at Verdun
  72. Said "They Shall Not Pass" at Verdun
    Robert Nivelle
  73. Chartered the Levant Company
    Elizabeth I
  74. Issued Second Act of Supremacy
    Elizabeth I
  75. Proposed the System of Silence
  76. Determined stuff between sacred and profane
    Emile Durkheim
  77. Really obscure rebellion during Han
    Rebellion of the Seven States
  78. Sent Zhang Qian on explorations
    Han Dynasty
  79. The name of Henry Hudson's ship
    Half Moon
  80. Withdrew from the Ninth Crusade
    Edward Longshanks
  81. Census conducted by Edward Longshanks
    Hundred Rolls census
  82. Issued the Edict of Expulsion
    Edward Longshanks
  83. Allied with the Mongols against the Baibars
    Edward Longshanks
  84. Formed the Free Officers Movement with Nasser
    Muhammed Naguib
  85. Had theories about a bunch of "proprieties"
    Adam Smith
  86. Things that prompted the Boxer Rebellion
    Unequal Treaties
  87. Jerimoth Hill is the highest point of…
    Rhode Island
  88. Battle that ended the Monmouth Rebellion
    Battle of Sedgemoor
  89. Rebellion that took place during James II's reign
    Monmouth Rebellion
  90. Supreme court case cited in an Australian court case
    McCullough v Maryland
  91. Used a Wilt Chamberlain argument
    Robert Nozick
  92. Tubes that run through compact bones
    Haversian Canals
  93. Battle that began the Ming Dynasty
    Battle of Lake Poyang
  94. Jaijing Emperor of this dynasty persecuted Buddhists
    Ming Dynasty
  95. Jinyi Wei, a secret police force, was established in this dynasty
    Ming Dynasty
  96. Said that pampering, neglect, and organ dysfunction gave rise to personality problems
    Alfred Adler
  97. Amendment that dealt with abortion that was struck down in Roe v Wade
    Hyde Amendment
  98. Crushed the Levellers
    Oliver Cromwell
  99. Creek in Death Valley
    Furnace Creek
  100. Lying between the Amargosa and Panamint Ranges
    Death Valley
  101. Led the Oklahoma City Bombings
    Timothy McVeigh
  102. Ismalic community influenced by Greek philosophy and gnosticism
  103. Replaced by the Zagwe Dynasty
  104. Italian that led Argentina during the Falklands War
    Leopoldo Galtieri
  105. Don Pacifico Affair was in this country
  106. Was victorious at the Battle of Chrysopolis
    Constantine I
  107. Mexican President whose rule caused the Mexican Revolution
    Porfirio Diaz
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