Vocab 10

  1. Acquiesce
    (v.) to accept without protest; to agree or submit; comply with, accede, consent, yield
  2. Allure
    (v.) to entice, tempt; to be attractive to; (n.) a strong attraction; the power to attract, charm; (v.) beguile, tantalize; (n.) temptation, enticement
  3. Askew
    (adj.) twisted to one side, crooked; disapprovingly; awry, lopsided, cockeyed
  4. Blithe
    (adj.) cheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned; carefree, nonchalant, indifferent
  5. Contentious
    (adj.) quarellsome, inclined to argue; argumentative, disputatious, combative
  6. Covet
    (v.) to desire something belonging to another; crave, yearn for, hunger for
  7. Crestfallen
    (adj.) discouraged, dejected, downcast; despondent, disconsolate
  8. Disheveled
    (adj.) rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder; untidy, disarranged, tousled, unkempt
  9. Exponent
    (n.) one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets; the power to which a number, symbol, or expression is to be raised; defender, champion, interpreter
  10. Garrulous
    (adj.) given to much talking, tediously chatty; talkative, loquacious, long-winded
  11. Insuperable
    (adj.) incapable of being overcome; invincible, insurmountable
  12. Lamentable
    (adj.) to be regretted or pitied; deplorable, regrettable, distressing
  13. Misnomer
    (n.) an unsuitable or misleading name; misnaming, malapropism
  14. Profess
    (v.) to affirm openly, to state belief in; to claim, pretend; assert, declare, proclaim, purport
  15. Respite
    (n.) a period of relief or rest; interval, intermission, lull, breather
  16. Retribution
    (n.) a repayment; a deserved punishment; compense, requital, just deserts
  17. Sinuous
    (adj.) winding, having many curves; lithe and flexible; twisting, convoluted, serpentine, supple
  18. Sonorous
    (adk.) full, deep, or rich in sound, impressive in style; resonant, resounding, grandiloquent
  19. Vanguard
    (n.) the foremost part of an army, the leading position in any field; forefront, cutting edge, trailblazers
  20. Wastrel
    • (n.) a wasteful person, spendthrift, a good-for-nothing; loafer, idler, squanderer, prolifigate
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