American Artists

  1. 20th-century
    photographer known for black-and-white photographs of the U.S. West, especially
    national parks such as Yosemite in California
    Adams, Ansel
  2. 19th-20th century Haitian-born American ornithologist and
    illustrator noted for his bird drawings and paintings in his work The Birds of

    Audubon, John James
  3. Missouri-born artist of the 1920s and 1930s who along with
    John Steuart Curry and Grant Wood emphasized regionalism, depicting particular
    American locales

    and their people, including sharecroppers, miners, politicians,
    and subway riders— his American Today helped revive mural painting in the U.S.

    Benton, Thomas Hart
  4. 19th-century
    painter of landscape scenes known for Fur Traders Descending the Missouri and
    Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap
    Bingham, George Caleb
  5. 19th-20th
    century sculptor who had almost completed the Mount Rushmore memorial when he
    Borglum, Gutzon
  6. 19th-century Italian-born American artist best known for the U.S. Capitol rotunda fresco
    featuring George Washington along with 13 maidens
    Brumidi, Constantino
  7. 20th-century sculptor known for his stabiles (large
    stationary abstract
    pieces) and mobiles (abstract pieces that move in the

    Calder, Alexander
  8. 19th-20th century artist known for her impressionist paintings of women and children, such as Mother and Child, The Bath, and Little Girl in a Blue Armchair
    Cassatt, Mary
  9. 19th-century English-born American who founded the Hudson River School of landscape painting and is known for his series of 5 canvases entitled The
    Course of Empire and for his series of 4 paintings entitled The Voyage of Life

    Cole, Thomas
  10. 18th-19th century artist considered North America’s first great portrait painter and known for such paintings as Watson and the Shark, Death of the Earl of Chatham, and Boy With a Squirrel

    Copley, John Singleton
  11. Famous pair of 19th-century lithographers known for their colored prints of typical American life and having the given names Nathaniel and James Merritt

    Currier and Ives
  12. 20th-century Dutch-born American abstract expressionist known for his Woman series of oil and pastel paintings on huge canvases

    De Kooning, Willem
  13. 19th-20th century sculptor known for The Minute Man statue in Concord, Massachusetts, and for the Abraham Lincoln statue inside the Lincoln Memorial
    French, Daniel Chester
  14. 20th-century Armenian-born American abstract expressionist who painted The Liver Is the Cock’s Comb
    Gorky, Arshile
  15. 18th-19th century folk painter with Quaker religious beliefs who is best known for about 100 versions of his painting The Peaceable Kingdom
    Hicks, Edward
  16. 19th-20th century artist best known for his seascapes, such as The Gulf Stream, Breaking Storm, and The Hurricane
    Homer, Winslow
  17. 20th-century artist known for his stark, realistic paintings of New York City and New England expressing loneliness and isolation, as in Nighthawks and Cape Cod Evening
    Hopper, Edward
  18. 20th-century abstract expressionist whose paintings depict numbers, targets, a U.S. map, and the American flag, as in the painting Flag on an Orange Field
    Johns, Jasper
  19. 20th-century black artist who worked in gouache, opaque water color, and tempera to create singular flat surfaces for his narrative paintings portraying social problems such as The Migration of the Negro
    Lawrence, Jacob
  20. 19th-century German-born artist known for painting American historical subjects, the most famous of which is the December 25, 1776, event of Washington Crossing the Delaware
    Leutze, Emanuel
  21. 20th-century pop artist who painted a modern-day version of Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles and derived some of his work from sources such as comic strips
    Lichtenstein, Roy
  22. 19th-century painter of western scenes known for his panoramic works Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and The Teton Range
    Moran, Thomas
  23. 20th-century Venezuelan-born American sculptor known for her life-size wooden figures, such as The Family
    Marisol (Escobar)
  24. 19th-century portrait artist who studied painting in London under Benjamin West but is better known for inventing the telegraph
    Morse, Samuel F.B.
  25. 20th-century artist born Anna Mary Robertson who started her primitive paintings of rural life when she was 76 years old
    Moses, Grandma
  26. 20th-century Russian-born American sculptor who used a wide variety of different objects and materials to construct her huge assemblages, or walls, of boxes usually painted black or gold
    Nevelson, Louise
  27. 20th-century painter whose best-known works depict bones, flowers, desert scenes, and landscapes of the Southwest, such as Black Iris and Cow’s Skull, Red, White, and Blue—her museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is America’s first art museum dedicated to the work of a woman artist of international stature
    O’Keeffe, Georgia
  28. 20th-century Swedish-born American sculptor known for oversized works representing familiar objects, such as Hamburger with Pickle, which is 7 feet in diameter and made of painted canvas and foam rubber
    Oldenburg, Claes
  29. 20th-century abstract expressionist artist known for his technique of dripping paint across a canvas to create random and complex patterns
    Pollock, Jackson
  30. 20th-century experimental artist who mixed sculpture and paint in works he called “combines,” such as Tracer, which consists of an eagle, a cafeteria sign, and two helicopters
    Rauschenberg, Robert
  31. 19th-20th century artist known for his portrayals of the American West, such as Pony Tracks, and for his sculpture Bronco Buster
    Remington, Frederick
  32. 20th-century artist known for his cover illustrations of scenes of every-day small-town life for The Saturday Evening Post and other magazines
    Rockwell, Norman
  33. 20th-century Russian-born American abstract expressionist who relied chiefly on color, as in Ochre and Red on Red, 1954, and who requested dim lighting for his rectangular paintings of delicate colors such as Yellow and Blue
    Rothko, Mark
  34. 19th-20th century painter and sculptor known as “America’s cowboy artist” to whom a museum in Great Falls, Montana, is devoted
    Russell, Charles Marion
  35. 19th-20th century sculptor known for his bronze statue for the David Farragut monument in Madison Square, for his William Tecumseh Sherman on horseback at Central Park’s entrance, and for his Robert G. Shaw sculpture on the Boston Common
    Saint-Gaudens, Augustus
  36. 19th-20th century artist known for his portraits of Isabella Stewart Gardner, Mme X, and other notables, and for his impressionistic watercolor landscapes
    Sargent, John Singer
  37. 20th-century sculptor known for his white plaster sculptures cast from living models of people going about what he calls “the magic of everyday life”
    Segal, George
  38. 18th-19th century portrait painter known for his unfinished “Athenaeum” portrait of George Washington’s head adopted for the U.S. one-dollar bill and for his Vaughan type (bust) and Lansdowne (full-length) paintings of George Washington
    Stuart, Gilbert
  39. 19th-20th century designer of stained-glass who helped establish the international art style called art nouveau
    Tiffany, Louis Comfort
  40. 20th-century artist known as the “pope of pop” for his pop art featuring such subjects as Campbell Soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and Brillo pads, and for his silk-screen paintings that use repetition of the subject matter, as in his famous portrayal of Marilyn Monroe—he is also referred to as “The Leonardo of the Shoe Trade” because of his fashionable shoe business illustrations
    Warhol, Andy
  41. 18th-19th century painter known for depicting historical events, as in The Death of General Wolfe and Penn’s Treaty with the Indians
    West, Benjamin
  42. 19th-century artist known for his Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, better known as Whistler’s Mother
    Whistler, James
  43. 19th-century artist who painted The Spirit of ‘76, depicting two drummers and a fifer
    Willard, Archibald McNeal
  44. 20th-century artist known for his paintings of the rural Midwest, especially for his American Gothic, a work featuring a farmer with a pitchfork in his hand standing next to a woman
    Wood, Grant
  45. 20th-century artist who followed in the footsteps of his illustrator father, N.C., and is known for his pictures of people and scenery, such as Christina’s World, Distant Thunder, Winter, and 240 drawings and paintings of his neighbor Helga Testorf
    Wyeth, Andrew
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