1. the external structures of the eye are?
    orbit, muscles, eyelids, conjunctive , and the lacriminal apperatus
  2. the orbit is lined with
    fatty tisues
  3. the optic foramen is an opening for the
    optic nerve and the ophthalmic artery
  4. state the functions of the muscles of the eye
    support and rotary movement
  5. each eye has a pair of eyelids that functions to protect the eyeball from
    intense light , foreign particles , and impact.
  6. describe the conjunctiva and state its function
    mucus membrane that acts as a protective covering for the eye
  7. define lacrimal apparatus
    produce ,store , and remove the tears that cleanse the eye
  8. the internal structures of the eye are the
    eyeball its structures and nerve fibers
  9. the eyeball is the organ of
  10. the point at which the nerve fibers from the retina converge to form the optic nerve is known as the
    optic disk
  11. define accommodation
    proccess of sharpening the focas of light on the retina
  12. anomaloscope
    device used to detect color blindness
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