Movement control is the planning, routing, scheduling, controlling, coordination, and in-transit visibility of personnel, units, equipment, and supplies moving over Line(s) of Communication (LOC) and the commitment of allocated transportation assets according to command planning directives
  2. Elements of a Transportation System
    mode operations (highway, rail, water, and air), terminal operations, and movement control
  3. UMC
    The UMC is the command technical movement expert. The position is responsible for providing guidance and training to units and command elements relating to preparation, maintenance, and execution of movement plans
  4. BMC
    Normally located in the S4 office, the brigade movement coordinator (BMC) coordinates the movement of personnel and equipment beyond the capability of organic unit assets with the ITO or UMC
  5. MSE
    The MSE is a new Transportation organization. the basic structure that forms the foundation of the MSE consists of a two-member team composed of an 882A CW2 Mobility Officer and an 88N30 Transportation Movement Coordinator, which provides this element the capability to perform 24-hour operations
  6. CTO
    • Corps Transportation Officer
    • The CTO coordinates with the G3 during unit movement, force tracking, and maneuver planning
    • The CTO assesses the impact of transportation requirements and highway regulation in the Corp arena.
    • • Must coordinate with the G3, DMC, PM, MCB to coordinate traffic control and Highway regulation Plans.
    • • Also recommends road repair priorities.
    The corps movement control battalion (MCB) controls the movement of all personnel, units, and materiel in the corps AO. It commands, controls, and supervises movement control teams
  8. PP&O
    • The PP&O section is responsible for surface, logistics air, rail, barge movements, and container management
  9. HTS
    The HTS performs highway regulation within the corps area. It coordinates with the TCE, other MCB highway traffic sections, DTOs, and appropriate HN authority, for any movements that originate in the corps area, but which terminate outside the corps
  10. MCT
    • The corps MCB commander positions teams throughout the corps area to extend his control to critical transportation nodes, facilities, or operating units
  11. DTO
    • Division Transportation Officer
    • The DTO participates in the military decision-making process as a member of the division planning staff. The DTO also does the following:
    • • Conducts mission analysis.
    • • Develops, analyzes, and compares courses of action.
    • • Produces the transportation, deployment, movement, traffic circulation and control, and highway regulation portions to division plans, orders, and SOPs.
    • • Publishes movement orders.
  12. TSC
    The TSC serves as the multifunctional support headquarters at the Corps level
  13. DCG
    • Deputy Commander for Support
    • The DCG(S) integrates external logistics support for the Corps. Transportation support includes the following:
    • • Approving plans, policies, and programs to support transportation movement control, highway regulation, and cargo transfer operations in the Corps area.
    • • Advising the TSC commander on the effective use and operation of transportation units and services.
    The BSB provides division-level logistics support to all organic and attached elements of the division
  15. MCO
    • The MCO is the link between the division transportation mode operators and the division users of transportation
  16. This officer provides movement management support through control of employment of the division motor transport assets for CSS.
  17. MCO
  18. Who is the principle staff advisor to the DISCOM commander?
  19. S3
  20. This support element is responsible for all logistics matters pertaining to DISCOM units.
  21. S4
  22. The MCB commands, allocates and supervises the operation of attached or assigned:
    MCT’s and MRT’s
  23. Provides movement management support to the brigade
    FSB movement control NCO
  24. What organization provides centralized movement control and highway regulation for moving personnel and materiel into, within and out of the Corps area?
  25. The Corps MCB
  26. The DCG(S) integrates external logistics support for the transportation Corp such as
  27. Advise the TSC commander on effective use of transportation units.
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