Module 6

  1. What is the peurperium period?
    begins after the delivery of the placenta and last approx. 6 weeks
  2. What is involution?
    • uterus returns to its normal size through a gradual process
    • three retrogressive processes:
    • Contraction of muscle fivers to reduce those previously stretched during pregnancy
    • Catabolism, which reduces enlarged, individual myometrial cells
    • Regeneration of uterine epithelium from the lower layer of the decidua after the upper layers have been sloughed off and shed during lochial discharge
  3. Approx. weight of uterus after birth?
    • 1000 g soon after birth
    • 500 g (shrinks by 50%) 1 week after birth
    • 60 g at end of 6 weeks
  4. What does lochia consist of immediately after childbirth?
    • mainly of blood, fibrinous products, decidual cells, and red and white blood cells
    • color is bright red
    • average amount of discharge is 240 to 270 ml (8 to 9 oz)
  5. Three stages of lochia:
    • lochia rubra:
    • deep red mixture of mucus, tissue debris, and blood that occurs for the first 3 to 4 days after birth
    • lochia serosa:
    • pinksh brown in color and is expelled 3 to 10 day postpartum. contains leukocytes, decidual tissue, red blood cells, and serous fluid
    • lochia alba:
    • creamy white or light brown and consists of leukocytes, decidual tissue, and reduced fluid content. occurs from days 10 to 14 but can last 3 to 6 weeks postpartum in some women and still be considered normal
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