1. What is a therapeutic index?
    its a measure of the danger of poisoning, the higher it is the safer the drug is. Its a ratio of a therapeutic dose to one that is toxic.
  2. What is bioavaliability?
    It means that the drug has reached the circulation and is therefore avaliable to all the tissues.
  3. What is an agonist?
    A drug that produces a response
  4. What is a antagonist?
    A drug that inibits a response
  5. What does a Log10 dose-response curve tell us?
    • It can yield much information about a drugs mechanisms of action and its potency. it can tell us about
    • *the drugs potency
    • *efficacy
    • *action as an antagonist
  6. What reactions does adrenaline cause?
    • *increase in force and rate of contraction of the heart
    • *a rise in systolic blood pressure due to increased cardiac output
    • *adrenaline relaxes smooth muscle including the bronchial tree
    • *adrenaline raises blood sugar by mobilising glucose from the tissues
  7. What reaction/s does noradrenaline cause?
    Its most important action is to produce widespread vasoconstriction - and hence a rise in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  8. What is salbutamol?
    • Used to treat asthma, it is a agonist.
    • -powerful bronchodilator.
    • -In large doses it can cause tremor and tachycardia, and occasionally night cramps
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