Science Semester 2 Final Atmosphere and Heat Transfer

  1. List the three main components of air and their percentages
    • Nitrogen: 78%
    • Oxygen: 21%
    • Argon: .93%
  2. How are altitude and pressure related?
    Higher altitude= lower pressure
  3. How are altitude and temperature related?
    Higher altitude= lower temperature
  4. What are the four layers of the atmosphere in order from the ground up?
    Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere
  5. In which layers does the temperature actually increase as you go up?
    Thermosphere and Stratosphere
  6. Where is the Ozone Layer?
  7. What two components of our atmosphere are responsible for the greenhouse effect?
    Water vapor and carbon dioxide
  8. Where do the auroras take place in our atmosphere
  9. How does carbon dioxide enter our atmosphere?
    heat reradiates then bounces back into atmosphere warming Earth
  10. What is heat? What is Temperature?
    • Heat: Energy transferred because of temperature difference.
    • Temperature: Measure of average kinetic energy of atom.
  11. What are the three types of heat transfer?
    Conduction, Convection, Radiation
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Science Semester 2 Final Atmosphere and Heat Transfer
Atmosphere and Heat Transfer