English 4_1

  1. pact (n)
    Rob and Leron made a pact to be partners on the science project.
    syns. deal, agreement
    A pact is an agreement between people or countries in which they promise to do certain things.
  2. queasy (adj)
    When the teacher announced a pop quiz, Earl felt queasy.
    syns. sick, nauseous
    If you feel queasy, you have a sick feeling in your stomach.
  3. foist (v) foisted
    It was not Dan's turn to do the dishes, but the job was foisted on him when his brother became sick.
    syns. impose, force
    If something is foisted on you, it is given to you whether you want it or not.
  4. venture (n)
    The brothers were excited about their new business venture, selling frozen pizzas.
    syns. project
    A new venture is a project that is exciting and even risky.
  5. annoy (v) annoyed
    Rachel was annoyed when Mary spilled hot chocolate on her homework.
    syns. old
    To be annoyed means to be somewhat angry about something.
  6. deprive (v) depriving
    Mom was depriving Karl of the last piece of cake until he finished his homework.
    syns. project
    If someone is depriving you of something, the person is keeping you from having it.
  7. legendary (adj)
    Eugenie Clark is legendary for swimming with skarks to study them.
    syns. project
    Someone who is legendary has a special fame for something he or she has done.
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