US Pres

  1. George H. W. Bush
    • 41st
    • stabilizing US military in Middle East during Persian Gulf War
  2. George W. Bush
    • 43rd
    • 9/11/01 terror attacks, declared war on terrorism, invaded Afghanistan/Iraq
    • No Child Left Behind/Medicare laws enacted
  3. James E. Carter
    • 39th
    • Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, national energy policy
    • Human rights and advocate for peace
  4. Bill Clinton
    • 42nd
    • "New Democrat"
    • NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement)
    • impeached then acquitted
  5. Ulysses S. Grant
    • 18th, military commander North civil war
    • wrote terms of surrender for south to end civil war
  6. Thomas Jefferson
    • 3rd
    • author of Declaration of Independence
  7. John F. Kennedy
    • 35th
    • led America through Cuban Missile Crisis, created Peace Corps, Civil Rights Movement advocate
  8. Abraham Lincoln
    • 16th
    • led US through Civil War, helped abolish slavery
    • assassinated
  9. Richard Nixon
    • 37th
    • only pres. to resign, was facing impeachment (Watergate), desegregation would improve education, approved space shuttle program
  10. Barack Obama
    • 44th
    • first African American pres, economic stimulus pckg, American Recovery and Investment Act
  11. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    • 32nd
    • only pres. elected >2 terms, WWII, New Deal Coalition which united labor unions and started Social Security
  12. Theodore Roosevelt
    • 26th
    • Progressive Movement and Republican Party, negotiated the end of the Russo-Japenese War=Nobel Peace Prize
  13. George Washington
    • 1st
    • "Father of our Country", leader of American army in American Revolutionary war against England, only president elected unanimously
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