English Vocab

  1. Myriad
    A compass can make a myriad of circles.
  2. Bureaucracy
    It took a long time for the law to pass, because of the bureaucracy in the US.
  3. Allocate
    I allocated the peas from the stake, when I served my food.
  4. Interim
    Our interim apartment was very small.
  5. Remittance
    I just mailed my remittance to the governmnet.
  6. Beleaguered
    My beleaguered parents just got fired and can't find work.
  7. Pre-eminent
    My dad is pre-eminent in our house hold.
  8. Consolidate
    I consolidated all the allocated food on my plate.
  9. Mired
    I was mired with a math problem.
  10. Entity
    My dog is an entity, though his tail is not.
  11. Polarization
    in the past there was polarization between the north and south over slavery.
  12. Guerrilla
    the Guerrilla army threatened to attack civilians.
  13. Gamut
    The UN supplies a gamut of relief ranging from money and medicine, to on the ground support.
  14. Bolter
    I bolster Prop 1/2, because it makes sense to me that you can't charge some one for nachos on Sunday, and 2:05 p.m.
  15. Exhort
    I exhorted to my parents to put the cable box back in.
  16. Opprobrium
    My parents bestowed opprobrium on me, because of my failing grade on the english vocabulary quiz.
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