The Weimar Republic

  1. what did the Socialists want? (2 points)
    • to give everybody the vote
    • improve working& living conditions for workers
  2. how many parties did the Socialists consist of?
  3. what did the Social Democratic Party want? (3 points)
    • to achieve their aims by peaceful means
    • the reichstag to pass laws which would slowly improve living conditions for Germans
    • the reichstag to be elected by all people
  4. what did the Independent Socialists want? (2 points)
    • to force the Government to change the laws quickly
    • to organise strikes in order to achievr thier aims
  5. what did the Spartacists want? (3 points)
    • to overthrow the government by revolution
    • to replace the government with a workers council which would make laws to help the working class
    • they followed the lead of Lenin who organised a Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917
  6. why were the conservatives and nationalists in a minority?
    germany had just lost the war& people wanted to returned to peace& prosperity
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The Weimar Republic
The Weimar Republic