The Wall Street Crash, 1929

  1. What happened in the USA during the Wall Street Crash?
    the American economy suffered when many American companies went bankrupt
  2. When was the Wall Street Crash?
    October 1929
  3. What did America do?
    demand immediate repayment of all loans
  4. Why did it seem like 1923 again in Germany?
    • unemployment rises
    • factories closed
    • middle class owners& working class employees suffered
    • food prices started to rise
  5. Who was blamed for the discontent and poverty in Germany?
    Weimar Government
  6. How did the Wall Street Crash affect Germany?
    • Workers were paid less but had to pay more taxes
    • Unemployment benefit was cut
    • The Government couldnt solve the increasing unemployment problem
    • More people turned to the Communists or Nazis for help
  7. Why was the Reichstag paralysed?
    • coalition governments couldnt agree
    • democracy appeared unable to run the country
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The Wall Street Crash, 1929
The Wall Street Crash 1929