The Spartacists Revolt

  1. who became Germanys new Chancellor on 9th November 1918? Which party was he from?
    • Friedrich Ebert
    • Leader of the Social Democrats
  2. which announcement from Friedrich Ebert led to a civil war?
    • elections for a new government would take place in january 1919
    • until then the Social Democrats would form a provisional (temporary government)
  3. which two parties joined together after Ebert's announcement? why?
    • the Social Democratic Party and the Independant Socialists
    • the Spartacists announced the setting up of a rival government in Berlin
  4. Why did the Spartacists not want proper elections?
    • they thought that middle classes would be elected
    • they feared that the demands of the workers& the soldiers who had fought in the war would be ignored
  5. Kiel Naval Base mutinied, why? & why did Ebert give in to their demands?
    • they complained of hunger& being underpaid
    • they had a lot of popular support
  6. what came from the Spartacists resistance to Ebert's Government?
    • gave way to revolution on the 6th January 1919
    • for a week, fighting raged in the streets of Berlin after the Spartacists tried to stop the holding of free elections
  7. Who did Ebert obtain the support of? Why?
    • upper class army officers who were still loyal to the Kaiser
    • they didnt want the Spartacists to win
    • they feared that communism would completely change German Society
  8. the Freikorps also supported Ebert. Why was this support important?
    the army was severly weakened by desertions and could not give the Government much assistance
  9. How many volunteer soldiers supported Ebert?
  10. What was the downside of over ruling communism the way they did? (3 points)
    • the new republic was off to a bloody start
    • the Freikorps had been allowed to run riots and use as much violence as they wished against a political party
    • the Freikorps would use that freedom in future against any other groups they didnt like
  11. The Social Democrats won a majority of the seats, but not an overall majority, which meant?
    A coalition was formed
  12. in February 1919 what happen to Ebert?
    he was elected president
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