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  1. Why did the Nazis organise the Beer Hall Putsch? (6 points)
    • Nazis still blamed the Weimar Government for stabbing Germany in the back.
    • They hated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles
    • The pride of Nationalists was hurt by the Invasion of the Ruhr
    • The misery caused by the collapse of the mark proved the Government was not fit to run the country
    • The call off of passive resistance and to continue paying the bill seemed like another surrender
    • something had to be done to get rid of the 'disloyal and weak' government
  2. Who did Hitler decide to take action against and what did he do?
    • the November Criminals
    • organise a revolution to overthrow the Weimar Government
  3. What was Hitler's assumption that the people of Germany would think towards his plan?
    to support his plan to destroy the hated Weimar Republic
  4. Which 4 extreme right-wingers supported Hitler's aim but not his plan?
    • General Ludendorff
    • Von Kahr
    • Lossow
    • Seisser
  5. what day did the Beer Hall Putsch begin? what happened?
    • 8th november 1923
    • Hitler& his Stormtroopers burst into a political meeting in a Munich Beer Hall and announced the overthrow of the German Government
  6. What happened to Von Kahr, Lossow& Seisser at the meeting at Munich Beer Hall?
    they were arrested and forced at gunpoint to support the putsch
  7. Who sent the army to arrest Hitler?
    • Von Kahr
    • Lossow
    • Seisser
  8. About 3 thousand Stormtroopers marched to army headquarters in Munich. What did that lead to?
    • 6 stormtroopers were killed
    • Hitler and Ludendorff were arrested
  9. What did Hitler do in court to justify what he did?
    put up a good defence by appealing to the patriotism of the German People.
  10. How long were Ludendorff and Hitler sentenced to in prison?
    • Ludendorff was set free
    • Hitler was sentenced to 5yrs but only served 9months
  11. What did Hitler do in prison?
    Wrote his autobiography Mein Kampf
  12. Why was the Beer Hall Putsch important?
    • showed the Weimar Government was still very unpopular
    • showed that extremists were still trying to overthrow the Republic
    • made Hitler realise he couldnt overthrow the Government by violence
    • made Hitler realise he would have to win the support of the people to be successful
    • allowed Hitler to use his trial as a propaganda weapon& gain attention& sympathy of the Germans
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