Germany 1918-1939.txt

  1. which events lead to the overthrow of the Kaiser? (5 points)
    • in germany-
    • riots broken out due to food shortages cause by the British Blockade
    • soldiers& sailers mutined& set up soviets or workers councils
    • communists& socialists began to speak openly about making peace& stopping war
    • protests& demostrations spread throughout the empire
    • when food riots spread to Berlin, the Kaiser was forced to abdicate
  2. when did the Kaiser abdicated?
    9th November 1918
  3. What did France want to happen to Germany? (3 points)
    • Clemenceau wanted revenge
    • to punish Germany for the suffering of the French
    • to keep Germany weak, so she wouldnt attack France again
  4. What did the USA want to happen to Germany? (3 points)
    • Wilson wanted a fair peace
    • 14 points for new international period of peace
    • he didnt want to make Germany so weak that they would look for revenge in the future
  5. What did Britain want to happen to Germany? (4 points)
    • Lloyd George wantted to punish Germany
    • His election slogan was Make Germany Pay
    • But he agreed with most of the 14 points
    • He wanted a fair peace that would not completely destroy Germany
  6. What did the Germans want to happen to Germany? (2 points)
    • they wanted the Government to make peace quickly
    • agreed to an armistice based on the 14 points
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