Lesson 1 :At a party - Taking the Initiative

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  1. What's eating (you)?
    What's bothering you?
  2. get something off one's chest
    reveal something (usually a cenfession or complaint) that has been bothering you
  3. keep something bottled up (inside)
    keep something that has been bothering you inside.
  4. (not) have the guts (to)
    (not) have the courage (to do something)
  5. give it a shot
    try something; give something a chance to happen (while knowing you can make a change if it doesn't work out)
  6. (someone) wouldn't be caught dead (with someone, in/at a place, doing something)
    someone would never want to be with someone because dislike, fear, or shame
  7. Skip it!
    skip over
    • Let's not talk about it anymore = Forget it!
    • intentionally not deal with a certain part of something or with certain people.
  8. bite the bullet (and do something)
    • make a decision to do something after hesitating
    • make a strong decision to do something
  9. put (something) off
    postpone, delay until later
  10. hit it off
    • immediately get along with someone very well (This is said about people who meet for the first time and like each other very much.)
    • non seperable
  11. That'll be the day.
    • That will never happen, in my opinion.
    • " I don't expect that day to ever come."
    • It is a sarcastic expression.
  12. take the initiative (and do something)
    • take the first step in doing something, take action
    • don't wait for someone to tell you what to do.
    • take the initiative and start something, ask someone out, suggest that something be done at work or in school, write a proposal for a project, make some phone calls to find something out.
  13. NOW you're talking.
    I didn't agree with what you said or were doing before, but now I completely and enthusiastically agree.
  14. be bound to
    • be likely to; will probably
    • has future meaning although use present verb to be.
  15. pass (pronoun) up
    to miss, not take advantage of an opportunity.
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