Art Vocab MAT

  1. Aqueduct
    artificial channel for conducting water in Roman times usually built over ground and supported on arches
  2. Atrium
    open entrance or central hall of an ancient Roman house
  3. Basilica
    barn like building form (central long space flanked by side aisles)
  4. Bungalow
    Indian(Bengali) word for single storied house with veranda
  5. Cameo
    carving in relief upon a gem, stone, or shell
  6. Cenotaph
    • abstract monuement to a person buried elsewhere
    • such as Washington Monument
  7. Chiaroscuro
    painting term, the opposition of light and dark
  8. Cinquefoil
    Gothic tracery pattern, reminiscent of a five leaf clover
  9. Cromlech
    • circle of standing unhewn stones
    • such as Stonehenge
  10. Crosshatching
    crossing sets of parallel lines to produce the effect of shading
  11. Facade
    front or principal face of a building
  12. Foreshortening
    object seems to recede in space and conveys the illusion of 3D
  13. Fresco
    wet plaster painting in watercolors. Painting becomes part of the wall since plaster absorbs colors.
  14. Fresco secco
    painting on dry plaster, less durable as the paint tends to flake off over time
  15. Genre painting
    scenes from everyday life for their own sake, usually with no religious or symbolic significance
  16. Hatching
    drawing/engraving, use of parallel lines to produce the effect of shading
  17. Hieroglyphs
    characters in the picture-writing system of ancient Egyptians
  18. Hypostyle
    • style of ancient Egyptian temple architecture, hall of many columns
    • such as Parthenon in Athens
  19. Illumniation
    decorating manuscripts, scrolls, with illustrations or designs in gold, silver, or bright colors
  20. Lithograph
    print made by drawing with a crayon on porous stone or metal plate, applying greasy printing ink which adheres only to the lines of the drawing, and pressing the plate on a moistened piece of paper
  21. Megalithic architecture
    monuments made partially or wholly of giant stones
  22. Mosaic
    surface decoration in which bits of colored stone or glass are laid in cement in a design or decorative pattern
  23. Obelisk
    a tapering four-sided shaft of stone with a pyramidal apex used as a freestanding monument in ancient Egypt or as an architectural decoration
  24. Perspective
    representation of 3D objects on a flat surface so as to produce the same impression of distance and relative size as that received by the human
  25. Relief
  26. sculpture that is not freestanding but projects from the background of which it is a part, can be high relief and low relief depending on the amount of projection; incised relief is when the background is not cut out, as in some Egyptian architecture
  27. Stippling
    method or rep light and shade by use of dots in painting, drawing, and engraving.
  28. Tempera
    Italian panel painting before 16th century, ground colors mixed with yolk of egg instead of oil.
  29. Triptych
    Altarpiece or devotional pic consisting of 3 panels joined (hinged) with center panel covered when side panels closed
  30. Woodcut
    Print made by cutting a design in relief on a block of wood and printing only the raised surfacees
  31. Ziggurat
    tiered, truncated pyramid of mud brick
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