South Africa

  1. How big is South Africa's population
    About 44 million
  2. In Which contient does South Africa lie on?
    In Africa
  3. How big of the population are blacks?
    About 80 % of the population are black
  4. Who was the first black president?
    Nelson Mandela
  5. When did he got elected
    In 1994
  6. How big is South Africa?
    1.2 Million Sqaure kilometers
  7. Which occens are Surrounded South Africa?
    The Atlantic Occean and Indian Occean
  8. Which contries are nigehbour to South Africa?
    Botswanna, Zimbabwe, Nimbia. Mozembique and Swaziland
  9. Where dose those contries lie
    Above South Africa
  10. Which contry is complety surrounded by South Africa
  11. Which is the biggest river in South Africa
    The river Orange
  12. Where does the river flow through?
    It Starts on the moutian Drakensberg and flow through the country and out to the atlantic occean
  13. What does of climate does South Africa have?
    • They have a moderate climate with mild temperatures.
    • Some part of the country dosen't get much rain and drough are common
  14. Which tribes have lived for the longest time in South Africa?
    Zulu And Xhosa
  15. Where does the most of the countrys white people live?
    In the big city
  16. Where does the Most South Africans live?
    In the eastern half of the country and along the southern coast
  17. Which is the biggest city in South Africa?
  18. Which is the second biggest and oldest city`?
    Cape Town
  19. When was Johannesburgh founded?
    • In 1886 as a gold minning town.
    • Today is the center of the countys industri and trading
  20. When was cape town founded`?
    It was founded by the Dutch as a trading station
  21. Which is South Africas main port?
  22. How many capital does South Africa have?
  23. Which are the capitals?
    Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein
  24. In Which city are the laws made?
    In Cape Town
  25. In Which sides are South Africa surrounded by occeans?
    In the west, south and east.
  26. Where does the most of the contry lie?
    On a Platue
  27. What does the central part of the platue calls for?
  28. How many meters above sea level does Highveld lie ?
    Between 1200 and 1800 meters
  29. What kind of types are dominate the countryside?
    Farms and the ranches
  30. What two desert lie in the west South Africa?
    Kalahari and Namib
  31. How high is Drankensberg highest point?
    3350 meter high
  32. Which three minorities live in South Africa?
    Blacks , Whites and the mixed races
  33. Who are called for Afrikaners?
    The dutch, german and french settlers
  34. What is a Boer?
    A South African with Dutch roots
  35. In which city does the most asian live?
    In Durban
  36. Why does only a few people live in the North and West
    South Africa
    Becuase is't to hot and dry there
  37. Which religons does the majority belong to?
    • They belong to Protostans or Roman Catolics.
    • Some people belong to Muslim or Hindusim
    • And Africans tribes have thier own african religon
  38. In which city does the government and prime minister met each other?
    In Pretoria
  39. In which city does the higest coury lie?
    In Bloenmfotiem
  40. Which Contry are the riches contry in Africa?
    South Africa
  41. How much mainland does South Africa take of the continent?
    About 4 % of Africa area
  42. How much does South Africa produce with all the other African contries?
    About 25 %
  43. What is South Africa economy based on?
    On Minning and Industry
  44. What raw material does South Africa have?
    Gold, Diamonds, Copper , Coal , Wheat, Sugar Cane, Citrius Frutis And Corn
  45. What does the factory produce?
    Cars, Iron, Steel , Machines and chemicals
  46. How mush gold that ever been founded come from South Africa?
    About 40 %
  47. Where in South Africa does they produce Wine?
    In the Souther Coast there they have a mediterranean climate
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