1. Enters OSPF configuration mode for the listed process.
    router ospf process-id
  2. Router subcommand that enables OSPF on interfaces matching the address/wildcard combination and sets the OSPF area.
    network ip-address wildcard-mask area area-id
  3. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF cost associated with the interface.
    ip ospf cost interface-cost
  4. Interface subcommand that directly sets the interface bandwidth (Kbps).
    bandwidth bandwidth
  5. Router subcommand that tells OSPF the numerator in the Ref-BWI Int-BW formula used to calculate the OSPF cost based on the interface bandwidth.
    auto-cost reference-bandwidth number
  6. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF Hello interval, and also resets the Dead interval to 4 times this number.
    ip ospf hello number
  7. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF dead timer.
    ip ospf dead-interval number
  8. Interface subcommand that defines the OSPF network type.
    ip ospf network type
  9. OSPF command that statically sets the router ID.
    router-id id
  10. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF priority on an interface.
    ip ospf priority number-value
  11. Interface subcommand that sets the interval for periodic Hellos.
    ip ospf hello-interval seconds
  12. Router subcommand that defines the maximum number of equal-cost routes that can be added to the routing table.
    maximum-paths number-of-paths
  13. Interface subcommand that enables type 0 (null), type 1 (no optional parameter listed), or type 2 (message-digest) authentication.
    ip ospf authentication [null|message-digest]
  14. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF authentication key if MD5 authentication is used.
    ip ospf message-digest-key key-number md5 key-value
  15. Interface subcommand that sets the OSPF authentication key if simple password authentication is used.
    ip ospf authentication key-value
  16. Router subcommand that configures the default authentication service for interfaces in the listed area.
    area area authentication [message-digest|null]
  17. Lists routes in the routing table learned by OSPF.
    show ip route ospf
  18. Shows routing protocol parameters and current timer values.
    show ip protocols
  19. lists the area in which the interface resides, neighbors adjacent on this interface, and Hello and dead timers.
    show ip ospf interface
  20. Lists neighbors and current status with neighbors, per interface, and optionally lists details for the router ID listed in the command.
    show ip ospf neighbors [neighbor-RID]
  21. Issues log messages for each OSPF packet.
    debug ip ospf events
  22. Issues log message describing the contents of all OSPF packets.
    debug ip ospf packet
  23. Issues log messages describing Hellos and Hello failures.
    debug ip ospf hello
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