Vocabulary Lesson 22-24

  1. arboreal
    pertaining to or resembling a tree
  2. burgeon
    to put forth new buds, leaves, or branches
  3. deciduous
    losing foliage after the growing season
  4. fauna
    animals of a certain region, period, or environment
  5. flora
    plants of a certain region, period, or environment
  6. germination
    the process of beginning to grow
  7. horticultural
    of the art of cultivation
  8. lichen
    plants consisting of a fungus and certain algae
  9. sylvan
    abounding in trees; wooded
  10. verdant
    green with vegetation
  11. a cappella
    without musical accompaniment
  12. aria
    an elaborate vocal piece sung by a single voice
  13. cadence
    balanced, rhythmic beat of poetry, dance, or music
  14. crescendo
    a gradual increase, especially in volume
  15. dissonance
    a harsh, disagreeable combination of sounds
  16. libretto
    the text of an opera or other dramatic musical work
  17. motif
    repeated significant phrase that identifies an idea
  18. octave
    the musical interval of eight full tones
  19. sonata
    an instrumental musical composition
  20. staccato
    in music, cut short crisply; disconnected
  21. accountable
    required to answer for one's actions
  22. commitment
    emotional or intellectual obligation
  23. default
    failure to fulfill an obligation
  24. feckless
    careless; irresponsible
  25. incumbent
    imposed as an obligation or duty
  26. liability
    condition of being legally responsible
  27. mandatory
    required; compulsory
  28. negligence
    lack of proper care or attention
  29. onerous
    troublesome; oppressive
  30. remiss
    lax in attending to duty
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