SAT Vocabulary C

  1. cacophony (n)
    The beautiful harmony of the symphony was well enjoyed after the cacophony coming from the stage as the orchestra warmed up.
    The amateur band created more cacophony than beautiful sound.
    unpleasant mixture of sounds; harsh noise; discord
  2. cajole (v)
    To cajole the disgruntled employee, Rima coaxed him with lies and sweet talk
    The salesman will cajole the couple into buying the stereo.
    to deceive by flattery; to coax
  3. candor (n)
    In each he makes his points politely but with utter candor.
    openness; straight forwardness
  4. cantankerous (adj)
    Argus Filch is the cantankerous caretaker at Hogwarts.
    hard or irritating to deal with
  5. capacious (adj)
    The capacious Great Hall housed all the students and teachers for meals.
    able to hold much
  6. capitulate (v)
    The Twinstead innings quickly capitulated with the two youngsters bowling at the end.
    surrender; yield to an enemy on conditions agreed upon
  7. capricious (adj)
    The capricious bride-to-be has a different church in mind for her wedding every few days.
    unpredictable; controlled by whims
  8. castigate (v)
    The mayor castigated the police chief for the rash of robberies.
    punish severly; criticize severely
  9. celerity (n)
    The celerity of the concord makes it an exciting ride.
    swiftness; fast
  10. censure (v)
    His remarks drew the censure of his employers.
    A censure of Al Hekma upset Rima.
    disapprove; criticize; fault-finding
  11. charlatan (n)
    Thecharlatan deceived the townspeople.
    It was finally discovered that the charlatan sitting on the throne was not the real king.
    a person who pretends to have knowledge; an impostor; fake
  12. chary (adj)
    Be chary when driving at night.
    The chary man had few friends.
    cautious; being sparing in giving
  13. chasten (v)
    Nava chastened Armin when he crossed the road himself and went home.
    to discipline or punish for the puerpose of making better
  14. chastise (v)
    The dean chastised the first-year student for cheating on the exam.
    to punish; discipline; admonish
  15. chicanery (n)
    Rima was trained in chicanery.
    A news broadcast is no place for chicanery.
    trickery or deception
  16. choler (n)
    The choleric baby was tinted yellow.
    anger or ill humor; yellow bile
  17. circumscribe (v)
    Even for adult heads of households, freedom was carefully circumscribed.
    draw a line around; to confine
  18. circumspect (adj)
    A circumspect decision must be made when so many people are involved.
    cautious; considering all circumstances
  19. clemency (n)
    Sirius was granted clemency too late, as he was already dead.
    The Malfoy's were granted clemency for their part in helping Harry during the Final Battle.
    mercy; pity; kindness
  20. clique (n)
    Al Hekma's cliques start forming already in KG.
    small exclusive group of people
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