1. What goal is started in the Preamble to the constitution?
    To protect the peoples liberty.
  2. What did the states hope to gain under the Articles of Confederation?
    Freedom, independence, and a firm league of friendship.
  3. What was the original purpose of the Constitutional convention?
    Revive the Articles of Confederation
  4. What point in the Virginia Plan was objected by supporters of the New Jersey Plan?
    Larger states should have more representatives in congress
  5. What was ordered by the northwest ordinance of 1787?
    divide the territory into smaller territories
  6. What are the three major goals of the constitution?
    to defend the nation, to ensure peace and establish justice
  7. What group wanted a strong national government like that set forth in the constitution?
  8. Describe the anti-federalists
    people who were unhappy with the constitution
  9. what was one weakness of the articles of confederation?
    the government had only one branch
  10. Describe the great compromise
    Equal representatives in the senate, representatives based on population in the senate and a congress made up of two houses
  11. What was the outcome of the constitutional convention?
    the constitution replaced the articles of confederation, establish justice
  12. The government under the articles of confederation could not do what?
    congress could not pass laws to collect taxes
  13. Describe the Bill of Rights
    ten constitutional amendments specifying freedoms
  14. What caused Shay's Rebellion?
    Massachusetts had only one branch
  15. What is true of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
    The northwest territory had been divided into smaller territories. A govenor and judges were named to govern the territory and slavery was punished.
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