The Nervous System/Eye/Ear

  1. Homeostasis
    A state of stability within the body
  2. Central Nervous system (CNS)
    Consists of the brain and spinal cord, integrates and processes information sent by nerves
  3. The peripheral nervous system (PNS)
    Consists of nerves that carry sensory messages to the central nervous system and nerves that send information from the CNS to the muscles or glands
  4. The somatic system
    Consists of sensory receptors in the head and extremities, nerves that carry sensory info to the CNS and nerves that carry instructions from the CNS to the skeletal muscles
  5. The autonomic system
    Controls glandular secretions and the functioning of smooth and cardiac muscles
  6. The sympathetic and parasympathetic system
    Act as a counter to one an other to bring the body back to homeostasis
  7. Cells of the nervous system
    The neurons and the cells that support the neurons called glial cells are the only two main type of cells in the nervous system
  8. Neurons
    basic structural and functional units of the nervous system. They are specialized to respond to physical and chemical stimuli, to conduct electrochemical signals and to release chemicals that regulate various body processes
  9. Glial cells
    Glial cells outnumber neurons 10 to 1, and they account for about half of the volume of the nervous system. Glial cells nourish the neurons, remove their waste, and defend against infections
  10. Nerves
    Individual neurons are organized into tissues called nerves
  11. Sensory input neuron
    Gather information from the sensory receptors and transmit these impulses to the central nervous system
  12. Interneurons
    Are found entirely in the CNS. Act as link between the sensory neuron and the motor neuron
  13. Motor neuron
    Transmit information from the CNS to muscles or glands
  14. Reflex arc
    Sudden, unlearned, involuntary response to certain stimuli. Simple connections of neurons that require very few neurons to transmit messages
  15. Dendrites
    Short Branching terminals that receive nerve impulses from other neurons or sensory receptors and relay the impulse to the cell body.
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