Sacraments matching 1st test

  1. Green:
    hope, life and growth
  2. Ashes:
    penance and the changing, non-permanence of earthy life
  3. Donkey:
    Symbol of docility; humbleness, and suffering
  4. Butterfly:
    resurrection, eternal life, metamorphosis-- new life breaking forth
  5. Dove:
    holy spirit, peace, purity, and the human soul.
  6. IHS:
    first three letters of the Greek for Jesus Christ
  7. Incense:
    fumes symbolize the ascent of prayer to God
  8. Blessed Palms:
    Jesus’ victory/ triumph and a way to honor royalty
  9. Red:
    passion for God and martyrdom. Presence of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost.
  10. INRI:
    Latin abbreviation for “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”
  11. XP:
    first two letters of the Greek word (monogram) for Christ
  12. Violet/purple:
    symbolizes a time of expectation as well as purification or penance
  13. Holy Water:
    constant reminder of our baptism (belonging to Christ), symbolizes new life and rebirth
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Sacraments matching 1st test
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