physical geography

  1. what is human geography?
    human geography is the study of people and how they interiact.
  2. what is physical geography?
    physical geography is the study of the eart's surface
  3. what is called the movement of the continents?
    • continental drift
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  4. what are called landforms?
    the different surface features of the earth are called landforms
  5. how much of the eart's surface is covered by land?
    one third of the earth's surface is covered by land
  6. why people settled near the water?
    because water is essential for survival
  7. what is called the continuous cycle of movement which the water goes through?
    water cycle
  8. where do you find fresh water?
    rivers and lakes
  9. how much % of the earth's water is fresh water?
    3% of the earth's water is fresh water
  10. how much percentage of the is covered in water?
    70% of the earth is covered with water
  11. what is continental drift?
    the movement of the continents over millions of years
  12. the longitudine line, the line that divides the earth into the Eastern and Western Hemisphere is called?
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    • prime meridian
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  13. why the geographer created a series of imaginery lines called lines of latitudine and lines of longitudine?
    tho help locate poits on a map or globe
  14. the imaginary line that divides the earth into the Northen and southern Hemispheres is called?
    the equator
  15. the series of imaginery lines that the geographer created on the globe are called?
    lines of langitudine and lines of longitudine
  16. why geographer developed maps and globes?
    to better study the earth
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