SAT Vocabulary B

  1. baleful (adj)
    After she was fired, she realized it was a baleful move to point the blame at her superior.
    destructive; harmful
  2. balm (n)
    After being teased, a hug from your mom can be a balm to a hurting heart.
    ointment for soothing pain; something that comforts or soothes
  3. banal (adj)
    This is just another banal day at Al Hekma.
    It was a banal suggestion tohave the annual picnic in the park, since that was where it had been for the past five years.
    boring; common; ordinary; dull
  4. baneful (adj)
    Not wearing a seat belt could be baneful.
    deadly or causing distress, death; poisonous; harmful; destructive
  5. beguile (v)
    Starlit and moonstruck, Los Angeles beguiles scores of curious tourists, hopeful starlets and wannabe rock musicians each day.
    to deceive by charm; to make time pass by pleasantly
  6. belie (v)
    The outer surface belies the complexity of what is going on inside.
    to give a false idea; fail to fulfil a promise
  7. belligerent (adj)
    They eradicated the belligerent nationalism that had haunted Europe for 100 years.
    persons or nations at war; constant fighting; quarrelsome
  8. benediction (n)
    After the pastor gave the benediction, the people went home.
    good wishes; a blessing
  9. benevolent (adj)
    Dumbledore was generally portrayed as a benevolent old man, until he had to protect Harry from Voldemort.
    friendly; generous; helpful
  10. benign (adj)
    A lamb is a benign animal, especially when compared with a lion.
    gentle; kind-hearted harmless
  11. bequeath (v)
    Your father might bequeath his land to you when he dies.
    to hand down something by will; pass on
  12. bias (n)
    Snape has a nasty Slytherin bias which makes the other students resent him.
    prejudiced; influenced; not neutral; tendency
  13. bilk (v)
    Mundungus tried to slowly bilk Sirius, and later Harry, of his inheritance.
    cheat; to defraud; swindle
  14. blight (n)
    The Death Eaters were a blight on wizarding society.
    anything that causes decay, death, or disease
  15. bolster (v)
    We need to bolster our defences before returning to school each week.
    to support; to encourage
  16. bombast (n)
    Malfoy ended his bombast before the sorting ceremony when Harry refused to shake his hand.
    After he delivered his bombast at the podium, he arrogantly left the meeting.
    speech intended to capture the attention of the audience; high-sounding language; pompous speech
  17. boorish (adj)
    Belle described Gaston as boorish and brainless in Beauty and the Beast.
    Ron's boorish behavior did not endear him to Hermione when they met on the train.
    crudely insensitive; rude person
  18. brevity (n)
    In chapter 7 Job is philosophical about the brevity of life.
    Given the brevity of some answers, candidates should not waste time copying out the question title.
    shortness; conciseness
  19. bumptious (adj)
    He was bumptious in manner as he approached the podium to accept his anticipated award.
    Malfoy's entire personality screams bumptious.
    offensively self-important
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