1. What are the stages of Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs?
    • Psychological needs
    • Safety
    • Being Loved
    • Self Esteem
    • Self actualization ( highest level of growth)
  2. What are qualities associated with self actualized people?
    • Realism: they are realstic
    • Acceptance: they accept themselves as they are
    • Autonomist: they act independent of their social environment, they have an inner locus of control
    • authenticity: they are genuin
    • high capacity of intimecy
    • creativity
  3. What are stages associated with growing up psychologically and meeting life's challanges?
    • develope an adult id
    • develope intimacy
    • develope value and purpose
  4. What are some ways associated with raising a self esteem?
    • Be less defensive
    • Be objective
    • Honest communication
  5. What is the defenition of a psychological disorder and what are some factors playing a role?
    When emotions or irrational thoughts interfere with daily activities / It can be results of many factors such as genetic, trumatic effects and family/social and cultural influances
  6. What are the most common types of psychological disorders?
    • Anxiety ( feeling of fear which is out of perportion)
    • Simple phobia
    • Social phobia ( shy people)
    • panic disorder( short breath, strong heartbeat)
    • GAD ( worry about a future threat)
    • PTSD ( reacting severely to trumatic events occured in the past)
    • Obssesive-compulsive disorder ( obssesion is a persistant thoughts , compulsion is difficult hard to resist actions)
  7. What are mood disorders?
    • Depression ( demoralization, feeling of sadness, loss of pleasure,wight loss/gain, insomnia,fetigue, thoughts of suicide)
    • Mania ( talketive, energetic, restless)
    • Bipolar ( swinging between depression and mania)
    • schizophranic( disturbance in thinking)
  8. What are some warning signs of suicide?
    • expressing wish to be dead
    • increase social isolation
    • suddent lightening of mood
    • attempts
    • suicide by family member or friend
    • history of substance abuse
    • medical problems
  9. What are some ways of psychotherapy?
    • pharmecological
    • behavioural
    • cognetive
    • psychodynamic
  10. What are some ways of getting help
    • self help
    • peer counsling
    • professional help
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