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  1. how do you describe impetigo?
    scaly rash with golden crusting
  2. what Ix do you do if suspect impetigo?
  3. what are most common causes of impetigo?
    • staph aureus
    • strep pyogenes (GAS)
  4. what is Rx of impetigo?
    • flucloxacillin and penicillin - systemic
    • topical: potassium permanganate soaks and topical antibiotics
  5. what is the diagnosis if there is erythema running up the leg and painful lymphoedema?
    ascending lymphangitis (usually strep)
  6. what is Rx of cellulitis?
    • flucloxacillin 1g qds iv
    • and penicilin g 1g qds iv
  7. what is erysipelas? - features
    • superficial infection
    • well defined edge
    • face, legs
    • malaise, fever
  8. what is cause of erysipelas?
    strep pyogenes
  9. what is Rx of erysipelas?
    penicillin G 1g qds
  10. which part of the body do fungal infections affect children mainly?
    scalp = tinea capitis
  11. what part of body do fungal infections affect adults?
    intertriginous regions
  12. which Ix do you do to confirm fungal infection?
  13. what is fungal infection of groin called?
    tinea cruris
  14. what do fungal infection of skin look like?
    • annular, serpininous edge
    • scaly
    • red, expanding outwards
  15. what are Rx options of fungal skin infection?
    • ketoconazole/itraconazole
    • terbinafine
    • griseofulvin
  16. what is Rx for tinea capitis?
  17. if there are multiple macules of hypopigmentation on the back, what is that called/due to?
    pityriasis versicolor
  18. what is pityriasis caused by?
    yeast infection
  19. what is main feature of pityriasis versicolor?
    • variably pigmented patches, fine scale
    • trunk
  20. what are predisposing factors for pityriasis versicolor?
    • high humidity
    • high rate of sebum production
    • elevated cortisol eg prolonged steroids
  21. what is Rx for pityriasis versicolor?
    • ketoconazole shampoo only if pt wants to
    • or selenium sulphide
  22. what is time scale of pityriasis versicolor?
  23. what are symptoms of pityriasis versicolor?
  24. what is Rx of head /body lice?
  25. what causes reactions to insect bites?
    immunologically mediated
  26. what is main feature of reaction to insect bite?
    very pruritic
  27. what is treatment of reaction to insect bite?
    • treat pets
    • spray home with insecticide eg malathion
    • corticosteroids
    • antibmicrobial for secondary infection
  28. how is scabies spread??
    prolonged skin contact - hand hold, sex, share bed
  29. what is main symptom of scabies?
  30. where on body does scabies affect?
    • intraepidermal burrows
    • hands, wrists, shaft of penis
  31. what is Rx of scabies?
    • permethrin or malathion
    • wash all bedding and clothes
    • treat all household at same time
  32. what causes HSV to recur?
    • skin immunosuppression eg UV radiation
    • altered hormone mileu - menstruation
    • fever
    • common cold
    • altered immune states
  33. what is the skin lesion of HSV usually described as?
    grouped vesicles (clusters) on an erythematous base
  34. what Ix do you do if suspect HSV?
    viral PCR from swab
  35. what is Rx of HSV skin infection?
    acyclovir oral/iv
  36. how do you describe the rash of varicella?
    • papules and vesicles
    • generalised
  37. how do you describe the rash of zoster
    • vesicles, cropped, clusters
    • dermatomal
    • painful
  38. what is complication of zoster?
    post herpetic neuralgia
  39. purple plaques on the face of a young man, what could that be?
    • kaposi's sarcoma
    • HHV8
  40. how do you describe molluscum contagious?
    umbilicated skin coloured papulessssssss
  41. who is at risk of molluscum?
    • children/atopy
    • sexually active
    • HIV infected
  42. what is Rx of molluscum?
    • self limiting so no treatment usually
    • can do cryo
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