title 15 definitions

  1. adverse witness
    a person who has given or will give info against a prisoner or parolee for the purpose of conducting parole revocation hearings, adverse withness means a person whose expected testimony supports the violation charged
  2. appeal
    a formal request for, or the act of requesting, an official change of a decision
  3. architectural and engineering services m
    those services procured outside of the state's civil service procedures and which are rendered by an architect or engineer, but may include ancillary services logically or justifiable performed in connection therewith
  4. asylum state
    the state other than california in which a parolee-at-large is in custody
  5. attempted escape
    an unsuccessful effort to breach a secured perimeter or the use of force against a person to attempt acces into an unauthorezed area.
  6. board of parole hearings
    the state agencey which is responsible for the administration of paroles for those persons committed to the dept. under
  7. california agency parolee
    a person released from dept. facility to parole supervision in a california community who subsequently is within the custody of any ca. agency, or subdivision thereof, except the dept
  8. california agency prisoner
    a prisoner who has abeen tranferred from the custody of the dept. to the custody of any other ca. agency or subdivision thereof
  9. ca. concurrent parolee
    a persion on parole for a ca sentence and a sentence of another jurisdiction who is being supervised in a ca. community pursuant to the uniform act for out-of-state correctional facilities parole supervision
  10. ca out of state correctional facility
    cocf is a program through which male cdcr i/ms are transferred to out of state corr facilities that have contracted with the cdcr to provide housing, security, health care and rehabilitative programming services to cdcr i/ms
  11. case conference
    a documented conference between a parole agent and hi/her supervisor to discuss a parolee's behavior
  12. case records
    the file which contains the infor concerning an inmate which is compiled by the dept pursuant to pc 2081.5 and includes such components as the central file, education file, visiting file and parole field file
  13. central file
    a master file maintained by the department containing records regarding each person committed to its jurisdiction
  14. central office calendar
    the calendar which is composed of admin hearing officers as designated by the deputy director, parole hearings division. They are authorized to make decisions regarding matters reported to the parole hearings division, including the decision to order a hearing scheduled
  15. certification
    that a business concern has obtained verification that it meets the definition of disabled veteran business enterprise pursuant to military and vets code 999(g) from an agency that has been authorized by law to issue such certification
  16. chaplain
    an individual duly designated by a religious denomination to discharge specified religious denomination to discharge specified religious duties, including a native american indian spiritual leader
  17. child
    a perison under the age of 18 years
  18. chronological history
    a CDC form 112 chfronological history prepared for each inmate, upon which significant dates and commitment info affecting the i/m are logged
  19. classification and parole representative
    department employee designated at each institution to be that institutions liaison with relesing boards and parole staff
  20. collateral parolee
    a person on parole for a ca sentence and a sentence of another jurisdiction who is being supervised in a state other that ca pursuant to the uniform act for out of state parole supervision
  21. collateral contact
    any communication between a division of adult parole operations staff and another person concerning a parolee
  22. concurrent parolee
    a person on parole for a ca sentence and a sentence of another jurisdiction who is being supervised in a state other than ca pursuant to the uniform act
  23. condition of parole
    the specific conditions under which a prisoner is released to parole supervision
  24. confinement to quarters
    an authorized disciplinary hearing action whereby an inmate is restricted to their assigned quarters for a period not to exceed five days for administrative rule violations and ten days for serious rule violations
  25. contraband
    anything which is not permitted in excess of the masimum quantity permitted, or received or obtained from an unauthorized source
  26. contol service
    the middle supervision category of a person on parole
  27. controlled substance
    any substance, drug, barcotic, opiate, hallucinogen, depressant, or stimulant as defined in by ca h&S code 11007. also included are prescribed medications containing any of the substances identified in the h&sc section above
  28. cooperative parolee
    a person on parole for a california sentence who is under parole supervision in a state other than california pursuant to the uniform act for out of state parole supervision
  29. course of conduct
    two or more acts over a period of time however short evidencing a continuity of purpose
  30. court order
    a custody determination decree
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