LING 102 Part 3

  1. Language Endangerment
    • Vanishing language, language loss
    • (It will cease to be learned by children in the 21st century)
  2. Language Loss
    the loss of first or second language or a portion of that language by individuals.
  3. Moribund
    language is only spoken by adults who no longer teach it to the next generation.
  4. What are the causes of language loss?
    • The history of language loss seems to be a reflection of the history of expansion
    • of various politico-socio-economical powers, which for the most part (sadly but true) is the history of colonization, invasion, conquest, and forced assimilation.
  5. What are the criteria that are used to categorize the language vitality?
    • Intergeneration transmission
    • Age of speakers
    • Number of speakers
    • Functions of the language
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LING 102 Part 3
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