LING 102 Part 1

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  1. Jargon
    Very basic form of contact communication that neither hasan established form of grammar nor a stable vocabulary. Speakers do not followthe common rules about how the language is used
  2. Pidgin
    Simplified contact language that has no native speakers, yet (Unlike jargon) it follows certain grammatical conventions

    • A language developed by speakers in contact who otherwise share no common
    • language.
  3. Creole
    Pidgin that becomes spoken as a native language. Used essentially in all language domains. They have a more robust expressive capability than pidgins and more richer set of linguistic feature

    • A language that develops from
    • contact between speakers of different languages and serves as the primary means
    • of communication for a particular group of speakers.
  4. Characteristics of pidgins (creoles)
    • Shared features with its source languages and unique characteristics
    • Has phonology, lexicon, morphology, and syntax
  5. Foreigner talk
    Baby talk. Speakers of a lower language which is incorrect speech
  6. Superstratist
    Creoles are not unique languages, but instead varities or dialects of their lexifier languages. Problems include definition of dialects and tok pisin
  7. Substratist
    Grammatical and syntactic features of creole languages are based upon those of substrate languages. Problem includes substrate features are common across different creoles and characteristics of contact languages
  8. Universalist
    Creoles have common structures and features because they reflect properties of language universals
  9. Monogenesis
    There was a single Portuguese-based ancestorof all pidgins (Sabir). However, some pidgins had no contact with Sabir.
  10. Polygenesis
    Genesisof pidgins occurred in independent parallel lines of development.
  11. Superstratum
    Language of a later, invading people imposedon and leaving features of an indigenous language. Superstratum is the language that has higher power or prestige
  12. Substratum
    Language which has lower power or prestige than another
  13. Lexifier
    dominant language of a particular pidgin or creole language that provides the basis for majority of vocabulary
  14. Semantic Transparency
    Endocentric compounds
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